A simple way to reuse or recycle some beat-up old garden fencing, or any other wire frame, is to turn it into a tower!

Step 1: Gather Materials

I grabbed a bunch of different styles of the same general type of fence. They're all made of steel or iron, painted green, and have concentric geometries (little semi-circular loop inside the big one), which will be important later. The more sections of fencing you have the larger a structure you can build.

Also pictured are some work gloves and a set of pliers, which you may want if the fence sections are really dirty or in particularly bad shape. The pliers are handy for bending the wire.
Good thinking. A trellis is a good way to shade a wall in the summer where there is no tree. and also a good way to get maximum production from limited garden space. . Examples of crops wouykld include green beans and New Zealand spinach.

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