DIY Video Light (800-watt-equivalent for $86)





Introduction: DIY Video Light (800-watt-equivalent for $86)

Griffin builds a powerful, DIY video light for $86, using hardware store parts, and eight 100-watt-equivalent compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. Also discussed: three-point lighting and color temperature / white balance.

Light output: 12,800 lumens, or 13 incandescent bulbs worth of power, but uses only 184 actual watts
Color temperature: 5,000 degrees Kelvin (often called "daylight")
Power consumption: draws 3.2 amps



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    Would this be an equivalent for those of us without any wiring experience?

    yes and no, i had bought those lighbulbs and they saw 45w but the light intensity its like 23w, the socket base works good you just need better lightbulbs...

    Yeah, that product looks lovely, and nicely priced!

    Hey Griffin, the wiring diagram is MIA. Can we get one? Thanks

    Can i add a dimmer to this project? or i need to buy specific bulbs ?

    hello >> nice diy

    but where is the links to buy it :)

    i from saudi arebia and we dont have this things


    Could you do the same effect with a power strip, socket adapters and splitters?

    one more question. While at Home Depot and aced about the 12 gauge wire I ended up with solid copper 600 volt. can that be used as well?

    Thanks for the video!! I'm having a hard time finding the exact AC cable you are using. The folks at home depot pointed be in the wrong direction using your name "bare AC cable". This was after a long blank stare. Is there another name this cable goes by? Or can you direct me to a different place to get it?

    You want an AC power cable with a three-pronged plug on one side, and bare wires on the other side. Tell them you're building your own light, and you need to plug it into the wall.