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really easy way to make water proof matches.
*your results may vary*
Im sorry for bad pics i used my phone

Step 1: Get the Stuff and Look at Pictures

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You need some matches and a burning candle
The Third picture should show you every thing but if your a dumbass:
1. light candle
2. dip head of match in melted wax
3. let wax dry
4. test water proofness-put in survival kit if satisfied by results if not buy water proof matches

you may have to scrape some wax off match head before lighting so the match will still strike on box, you will have to strike match multiple times before it dose light (to get off thin coat of wax)

failure to scrap some of the wax off before you strike match may cause a wax build up on strike zone preventing you from lighting any matches at all i reckomend only using these water proof match on one side of box so you will still have one side of box that will light

If you think your smart and are going to just dip the hole match in wax your a retard. If you do that when you go to light the match melted wax will run down the match and onto your fingers, if you just dip the head of the match you should only get one drop of wax that should just fall to what ever your holding the match over.


CaptSyn (author)2010-09-09

I wax dipped around a thousand strike anywhere kitchen matches several years ago but I used gulf wax in a cut off coke can over a small potpourri warmer.

Today my matches are almost useless, despite being kept in a climate controlled house. Now they only light on the striker strips they came with.

Turns out the chemicals in all matches will break down over time no matter what you do to them, so it's best to just not bother with them.

Wax dipping is fine if you are going to be using the matches within a couple years, but much past that and you can forget it.

Get some disposable lighters and a magnesium block or ferro rod and you won't ever need anything else.

TheAntiHeroHimself (author)2010-03-27

whole*. Now that i have that out of the way, this is pretty damn simple. Awesome! Might just subscribe! =]

franklinonline (author)2009-06-11

whats wrong with giant brand matches their all the same?

i got a vary low quality batch

like they dont lite right or their not even or what and diamond strike anywhere are low quality too they really dont strike anywhere except for box and a certain place of concrete it sometimes strikes and diamond regular- heads are shaped right

a lot of the matches didnt have heads on them or were already broken or just broke when i tried to strike them...

And strike anywhere matches have worked extremely well for me, they work off any thing rough i have used wood sand paper a shovel my knife the sidewalk road cement. hell i wouldnt be surprised if you can strike them off your teeth.

I can strike a "strike anywhere" on my teeth.

for diamond they all have heads at least, but some are cracked but their such cheap stuff, as long as you have alot and your life isnt dependant on it its ok but strike anywhaers suck for me tried wood, metal, grout between granite, and the only place other than the gbox is this spacific place of concrete if its too rough congrete, it grinds off if its to smooth, it does nothing and the white dots are all differnt sizes some are really big and easy to use, while others have a tiny dot that only strikes on boxes

SauerKraus (author)2008-08-04

How bout mix a flammable liquid with the wax after it's melted but without the wick lit.

absolute zero (author)SauerKraus2008-11-10

lets try alcohol MWAHAHAHAHA.......lmao, or mabye even some gasoline........

or maybe some napalm (gasoline+Styrofoam)

fwjs28 (author)absolute zero2009-04-14

melt the wax in a pot, then mix with shock-it and brake fluid....*strike* ....BOOM!

pyro4226 (author)2008-12-01

i did this and it worked well.

disturbedreaper (author)2008-11-02

i bought a pair of shoes about a year ago and i wanted to keep them nice and saw a can of water proofing spray and after i relized it kind of worked on shoes i sprayed it on matches and after it dryed i put the match in running water for like 2 min then struck it and it lit first strike kool... hun

zimmemic25 (author)2008-11-02

i always dip used matches (the black coal-like spots on them when theyre used) into wax so i can use em again (for taking fire from candle a to b, not for making fire)

grue (author)2007-10-20

what about the wood? wouldn't it get wet too?

the heat of the fire will dry it out fast it didnt effect any thing for me

but if it soaked in would it effect it?

then your screwed. You might be able to use the burning phosphorous to light dry kindling

jakee117 (author)2007-11-12

now for your next mission strike anywhere

hrmm.. i know they use white phosphorus but how they get it in a liquid form to dip them idk. i have some research to do

you put the phosphorous with a little water in a dish or bowl, and melt over LOW heat, then dip some toothpicks in the mix. but acquiring white phosphorous i don't know about... hope that helps

lukeair45 (author)2007-07-07

How would you strike the match? Since it has wax on it?

lukeair45 (author)lukeair452007-07-07

I know how you would do it, just scrape off the wax before you strike it.

yep u just need to scrape off one side not all of it, it still may take a couple strikes to get all the wax off.

This is the same with store brand matches. Usually you have to strike it twice. Once to get the water proofing material (in this case the wax) and the second to actually strike it.

gameboy7oa (author)2007-10-18

hahah i was doing this the other day and put to much wax on and the wax made it burn more and i burned my self. shows how smart i am (:

!Andrew_Modder! (author)2007-09-25

lol, iv done this b4. but i usally apply 3 coats (mabe 2)

zootboy (author)2007-08-01

"head of candle being dipped in wax i make shooting things" ummmmm...

andy60 (author)zootboy2007-08-08

lol i noticed that 1 too

chickenliver123 (author)2007-07-29


funwithfire325 (author)2007-07-26

u strike it like it is cause the wax wheel come off

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