DIY Wedding Dress Made Out of 80 Plastic Cups





Introduction: DIY Wedding Dress Made Out of 80 Plastic Cups

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This dress is made out of 80 plastic cups.

Step 1:

Step 2: Cut the Plastic Cups

Step 3: Make a Design With the Pieces of Plastic

Step 4: Try to Make a Design Like a Tree

Step 5: The Flowers Are Made Out of Egg Cartons, and the Earrings Are Sunflowers Painted As Pearls

The flowers are made out of egg cartons, and the earrings are sunflowers painted as pearls

How to make the flowers

How to make the earrings:



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    Very innovative!

    It's a good idea! Lovely the decoration of the dress, I think would be nice also for a curtain. Good luck!

    Thanks. You'r right, de design will be a nice decoration for other purpuses. I just want to inspire. Thanks again

    Increible... Me encanto!

    I made my daughter's wedding dress and I made a first one out of muslin before cutting the satin. But gasa is gauze so it might be a type of gauze fabric which would be more sheer than muslin.

    I would like to see your daughter's wedding dress. Muslin in Spanish will be muselina. And gasilla is another material.
    Gasa is not gasilla. Even if it seems to be the same, it's another material.
    My grandmother was a taylor. I don't know if gasilla is the right word. I never used with other people. In the shop they knew the word, but I'm affraid that is very local. I don't know the word in Spanish,and even worst in English