Picture of DIY wireless fun presenter
Presenting a talk from your laptop? You can buy a wireless mouse to click through your powerpoint. But you could make something more creative and fun.

For about 20 euro's of electronics, you can make a wireless presenter yourself in whatever you choose. And -be different!- present not in powerpoint everybody uses, but in your own DIY Processing sketch!

The public will be intrigued by your presenter, amazed by your sketch, and it is even more fun to present.

For the wireless part of my presenter I have chosen a toy piano, this has the advantage that when the public is bored with the accelerated expansion of the universe talk, I can play a simple tune on the piano to keep them awake!

The presenter is wireless (using a RF12 transceiver, see later on) and will connect to a bare bones arduino like device, either inside an airplane toy or a shaker (with a so called jeenode).

This receiver also has to be fun.So I have put this small chip in a free shaker of pink transparent plastic. Since there are plenty of free pins left, I have added some LED's, which flash a bit when a signal is received. It is important that is seems to be alive...
(Why the two kinds of receivers? I bought a cheap UART-USB converter at, cheap but...only for WINDOWS. So to do the talk from my MACOS side I used the shaker with the jeenode, for  which the UART interface has drivers for both XP and MACOS.) For 4dollars you can buy UART-USB converters at, see later for link, only be careful and check the drivers indicated.)

About the signals, I am NOT sending numbers, like 1,2,3,4 for going on in the talk, or back, or to the beginning, or the end... No, I send nice words, like peace, love, friend and DIY! I know that the ASCII codes are numbers after all, but it just gives a human flavor....

I am not the person to believe that sending these words makes a better world, but it adds a flavour to technology.

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Cabe3 years ago
Hello Contrecoc.

Many, many, thanks for putting this instructable up, not only has it introduced me to the Jeenodes, it also showed me exactly how to complete my project at the same time!

contrechoc (author)  Cabe3 years ago
Well, you are welcome, glad to make somebody happy, have fun exploring further!