Picture of DIY wireless hovercraft (Team OZ)

This manual will teach you how to build a DIY Arduino-based remote-control hovercraft that can hover on the ground and move in different direction. The hovercraft is built mainly of poly-foam board, and consists of a ducted fan, two propellers, a PS2® controller module, and an Arduino Uno board. You can use a PS2® controller to run the hovercraft on the ground.

Building the hovercraft requires the basic knowledge of Arduino programming and electrical circuit. This project is moderately difficult and requires about three-to-six-hours’ work. The materials are easy to acquire on the Internet.

The ducted fan and the batteries are dangerous if manipulated improperly. Kids below 13 should not build the project without adult’s help.

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Step 1: Prepare the materials

Picture of Prepare the materials
motor driver.png
voltage regulator.png
ducted fan.png
12v battery.png
11.1v battery.png

First purchase and prepare the materials below.

a. One piece of polyfoam with the size of 30cm * 30cm * 5cm (Length * Width * Height).

b. One piece of dishcloth with the size of 30cm * 30cm (Length * Width).

c. One Arduino Uno board with a USB cable.

d. At least sixty DuPont line wires: twenty male – male, twenty male – female, and twenty female – female.

e. One wireless PS2® controller with a receiver.

f. One L298N motor driver module.

g. Two brush 370 motors.

h. Two fans with a diameter of 5cm and a bore diameter of 3mm.

i. One XL6009 4A voltage regulator module.

j. One 20A brushless electronic speed controller.

k. One 64mm brushless ducted fan.

l. One 12V 6800mAh lithium battery.

m. One 11.1V 2200mAh lithium battery.

Also prepare the tools below.

a. One hot melting glue gun and three glue gun sticks.

b. One electrical tape, one double-faced adhesive tape, one screwdriver and one cutter knife.

c. One electric iron, a reel of tin wire, and a bottle of soldering paste.

Step 2: Make the deck of the hovercraft

Picture of Make the deck of the hovercraft

Use the cutter knife to cut the poly-foam board to make the deck of the hovercraft. The shape and size is shown in the three-view drawing. You can use a file to make the edges smooth, but it’s not necessary. The hole in the middle is left for the ducted fan.

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