Picture of DIY: The Magic Flip Wallet!
I did not invent this thing. It's been done before! But then.... Wallets have been around since paper money.

I'm going to show you how you too can make a magic wallet. Some sewing skill is helpful, but not required. You can make this by gluing two sets of two firm sections with the ribbons between them or sew a leather or vinyl covering. The latter is the technique I used.
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Step 1: Gather Supplies

Picture of Gather Supplies
To do the covered wallet you'll need:

Cardboard Any box should do...
Vinyl or leather An old purse works nicely for this...
Strapping This should be rugged. I used the strap from an old 35mm camera. An old Lanyard my do too.
Glue You may need this. I didn't
Sewing Thread and needle Not pictured, but it's what I used...

Step 2: Prepare Materials

Picture of Prepare Materials
Cut the cardboard into two pieces approximately 4 1/2" x 3"

Cut two pieces of vinyl or leather to about 3 1/8" x 9 1/8" You might want to give a little more leeway than the 1/16" I did. It's up to you.

Cut 4 pieces of the strapping to about 4" each.

Step 3: Build Side One.

Picture of Build Side One.
Magic Wallet - 05.jpg
Magic Wallet - 06.jpg
Fold the vinyl (or leather) reverse side out. Sew from the open end about an inch and a 16th in before adding strap. Sew the straping into the side. Note that the straps must be straight through the cover. I don't know what stitches are what, so I can't really advise here. As you can see, my sewing is horrible. Sew the second strap at about an inch from the end.

When that side is done, insert the carboard tightly and sew the short end as tight as you can. Remove the cardboard.

Now turn the cover inside-out (actually right-side-out) and inert the cardboard piece again.

Step 4: Build Side Two.

Picture of Build Side Two.
Build side two using the same process as side one, but start the first strap at about the strap's width further in and at about a 45° angle toward the center. The other strap needs to start about the strap's width earlier and angled to cross the previous strap. The straps should cross near the center of the wallet side.
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JinxieChick7 months ago
I love this instructable. It is really quite nice.
JBantha1 year ago
Okay. I have everything but money.
samalert1 year ago
Lots of tags and very helpful really a good ible ! LOVED IT (inspired to make me one)
thesparine7 years ago
Two words: Kick. Freaking-ass!
isnt that (kind of(?)) 3 words?
Not when there's a hyphen. Hyphens are magic.
cathylily3 years ago
good idea
Hunter O.5 years ago
You can make one from duct tape
stupkid5 years ago
Lol, I just bought one today at old navy for $5

Thats a great idea!!
I have used a rubber - band and clued the sides hehe wallet lasted 3 hours so I then went online and purchased a proper one form Australia. If your wallet also sucks check out

imonsei7 years ago
I just made a test one out of some cardboard and some string. Works like a charm. Might make one out of a pair of floppies soon as they seem the right size to begin with :) Now I just need to figure out how to release the crazy purple knockout gas if someone opens it the wrong way :D
toogood7 years ago
my house, is filled with, this crap, shows up in, bubble-rap, most every day, i bought it on EEEBBBAAAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
from some guy i never met in Norway, found him on e-bay
I am the type who is liable to snipe you, With two seconds left to go, whoa! Got Paypal or Visa, what ever'll please ya... As long as I've got the dough!!!
I'll buy... your tchotchkes, Sell me... your watch, please. I'll buy I'll buy, I'll buy, I'll buy... I'm highest bidder now! (LOL!)
Junk pizza hiding in the mail! From that, world wide garage sale! Hey, a dukes of hazards ash tray yay! I bought on ebay.
Junk pizza hiding in the mail! From that, world wide garage sale! Hey, a dukes of hazards ash tray yay! I bought on ebay.
love that song
that song is by wierd al. i sang it for a singing contest. i had everything on the list of junk from that song to show the audiance, and LOTS of bubble warp. YAY BUBBLE WARP! I love wierd al songs
dodo91 dodo916 years ago
sorry i meant YAY BUBBLE WRAP!
A used... pink bathrobe, A rare... mint snowglobe, A Smurf... TV tray... I bought on eBay!
xadevox5 years ago
btw, i used shoelaces and it worked fine!
xadevox5 years ago
stop the text singing!
Jahoovi6 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
LasVegas (author)  Jahoovi6 years ago
I did not purchase one, although I could have I'm sure... Yes. They have been around for quite some time. I just wanted to make my own. BTW: ALL CAPS IS CONSIDERED SHOUTING AND RUDE.
hockys16 years ago
a farro-foster poster pez dispensers and a toaster
blackspeed6 years ago
chinchymork6 years ago
Pretty sweet I made an instructable too on this!!! Check out Inside-out vachetta wallet!!!
Ticamai6 years ago
Sweet... tomorrow i will have plenty of extra birthday wrapping paper and string, and i already have boxes... B-day wallet, here i come!
raykholo7 years ago
consider selling this great idea
he didnt make it
polkadot7 years ago
Erm, what's the go with coins?
you can put a pocket on the back, thats what i did
starvingjen7 years ago
i love these things! I've made a slew of them ...but instead ...i use elastic ...that way your wallet can keep expanding ...i also put a slit on either side for cards.
gorakagaz7 years ago
awesome. i think the straps should be cut to at least 5", to make sure they're sewn in snugly.
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