Picture of DIYS Ribbon Lei & Head Piece

When I was at San Francisco Pride this weekend, I got overwhelming interest about my head piece and if I made it. I would give mini, impromptu, tutorials on how and where they could probably find tutorials on how to make them. I've been making these for years so I figured, why not make my own tutorial?

So here it is!

What is a ribbon lei you ask?
Well, curious bystander, let me tell you a thing! A ribbon lei is traditionally a form of necklace. The word "lei" referring to the Hawaiian wreaths that beautiful woman place around your neck, typically made of flowers, when you arrive at a Lu'au. However, ribbon leis have many practical and cosmetic uses! They are a series of loops and are made by weaving these loops together.

Difficulty level:
We're hovering around a "I learned how to do this when I was 6" level.

Approximate Time Needed:
The one seen in the examples took me about 1/3 of an episode of Star Trek: Voyager. So about 10-15min for a head piece and MAYbe 20-15min for an entire lei. Maybe even less if you're not watching an episode of your favorite TV show and periodically getting distracted by awesomeness.

So are you ready?!

I'm going to make YOU a ribbon lei expert!

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SparkySolar5 months ago

This is so nice,-

Thank you;


SparkySolar5 months ago

This is so nice,-

Thank you;


doodledoos8 months ago
love making these now! and you saved me paying loads for a new belt!! the pictures are absolutely amazing, and really easy to follow! I'm not surprised everyone loved them!!!
Stephyyisms (author)  doodledoos8 months ago

Thanks doodledoos!!!

I'm so happy these were helpful! I'm excited to hear about your new belt!

These are so cute and versatile! People kept stopping you every few minutes to ask where you got it!

Haha everyone was wild about it! I thought it was just a simple last minuet thing too. Glad it was so popular! Maybe it was my company ;P

Flattery will get you everywhere :P

sninjaman8 months ago
Thank you for this tutorial! I'll be up all night making these now xD
Stephyyisms (author)  sninjaman8 months ago

It's so easy to get caught up in making these. Especially because you can make so many with just 3 yards and ribbon is so inexpensive!

Glad you like them :)

canida8 months ago

Looks great! Love the description, too. :)

Stephyyisms (author)  canida8 months ago

Haha thanks! Writing is one of my all time favorite activities so that's a huge compliment to me. I appreciate it :)

gabrieltaft8 months ago

Love it!

Stephyyisms (author)  gabrieltaft8 months ago

Thanks, Gabrieltaft!!!

Makes me happy you love it!

impied8 months ago

Perfect for pride!!!

Stephyyisms (author)  impied8 months ago

I normally make mass amounts of 1/4in ribbon bracelets for my friends and family for pride in ombre rainbow ribbon. I didn't have time this year but yes! Definitely popular for anything color themed! I also make them for graduations and school events where there's an opportunity to make them in school colors :)

SweetDainish8 months ago

These look totally cute! I need to make some for my sisters. They'd love it! Thanks for sharing!

Stephyyisms (author)  SweetDainish8 months ago

Oh yes! I make them for all my family members. It's almost a tradition. I think all my sisters and family members have more than they know what to do with! I make mass amounts of 1/4in ribbon bracelets for Pride most years for my friends and family. I didn't have time due to work this year.

Glad you like my ribbon leis :)

doodlecraft8 months ago

Awesome, great job! I love ribbon braiding like this! Never thought of using it as a headband though...nice! :)

Stephyyisms (author)  doodlecraft8 months ago

Thank you!

It's one of my favorite easy crafts! I give them as gifts a lot but I try to embellish them with beads or flowers<3