Introduction: DJ Marshmello Logo on Shoe DIY

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Hey guys!, I'm a big mello lover & as my vacations were on I thought of doing something awesome & cool. using acrylic paint I painted DJ Marshmello's Logo my school Shoe & it lasts for about 2 months (In my case :p)

So, Here's the description How I did the whole thing.

Step 1: Materials Required

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You'll be requiring :

☺White Acrylic paint/ Fabric paint

☺ Fevicol/Glue/any adhesive

☺ Cutter

☺ Tape

☺ A printer or skills to trace from the screen

☻ a shoe...hehehe

Step 2: Preparing the Stencil

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☻Print the Logo with the size matching your shoe's paintable area

☺Apply tape all over the print to strengthen it

☻Cut out the black part using a cutter

& your Stencil is ready!!

Step 3: Placing the Stencil

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Now, take the stencil and apply the adhesive on the backside of the stencil (side without tape) and paste it onto your shoe carefully and apply adhesive only on the periphery of the cuts.

Step 4: Paint It !

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Dip a piece of sponge in the paint and gently paint on the stencil in a hammer action.

Step 5: Finishing the Job

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After peeling off the stencil there are some paper & adhesive remaining. Remove them using a wet cloth or an old discarded toothbrush and your Shoe is ready for some real fun!

I hope you liked the instructable though there are many other easy ways to do the same thing...I'll get back with other things. So stay tuned and be Creative!!

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Swansong (author)2017-06-19

That looks really neat :)

the_sample_guy (author)Swansong2017-06-19

haha... thank you so much.

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