This instructable will let you know how to make hand rings that will light your name or any word you wish in dark !! 
i am telling you its damn easy and will take only about 30 mins max if you have everything you will need in hand !!

Things You Will Need :

1) 7 Segment LED (8 if you include the dot)
2) 5 Pin connector
3) 3V Coin cell
4) Coin Battery Holder
5) Hot Glue Gun or solder iron (glue gun would be much easier)
6) Double side tape 
7) A ring (preferably flat - cylindrical)

Step 1: Basic Introduction to 7 Segment LED

You will have 10 Pins Coming out of the LED. 

See the pic below

> Every Red line indicated that its positive.
> Green lines indicated its the Ground or Negative.

> Each Pin Corresponds to a particular LED on the 7 segment.
> a,b,c,d,e,f,g as marked in the diagram below.

There are 2 types of 7 segment leds .. Anodic and Cathodic..
No issues seriously.. its just the polarity difference..  
In the other type.. all reds will have to be ground and green will be positive.

Connect the green to ground. Then to which ever pin you give a positive supply of 3V  that  corresponding LED will glow !
Very Cool. Thanks for sharing your awesomeness.
And I say BRAVO for the initiative you made through your website. Keep it up :)
Thank you So much !! :)
Cool idea and instructable! <br>I found some of these 7 segment LEDs for cheap by de-soldering them from an old dart board I found at Goodwill
To Create complex alphabets you can use Alphabetical Leds .. check the link below !! <br> <br>http://www.allproducts.com/manufacture99/flying/Product-20079259230.jpg <br>
Very Cool! :D Too bad my initials are HW, no problem with the H, but a W could be a problem on a 7 segment LED.. <br>Except if i'd invert the LED 90 degrees and use |_|_|. I'd have wear the two rings on different hands to prevent they won't bump into eachother because of the invertion which gives it a lot more width.. What do you think?

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