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DerrezedD (author)2015-10-21

hey my name is jarred can i buy this helmet from you pleeeeeeeeeeaaase

ill pay50 if you like

matthew3838 (author)2013-10-28

Great Job! Thanks for the tips! I also used the LuchoFunk files here:

Tommycat7 (author)2013-10-27

Could you please give instructions on how to fold the files.

felipe_luse (author)2013-09-26

very nice, please post how did you make the helmet... :D

sunstar821 (author)2012-09-08

can you give me a link for the lunchofunk

techman711 (author)2012-07-02

hey any way i could get the size's on the mouth , checks , and ear pieces o also the uper and bottom visor thanks for that help meas alot and you can email me at

dr.gizmo (author)2011-04-13

hey how to add the LEDs in the visor but u can still see?

vultureman96 (author)dr.gizmo2012-06-30

The original Thomas helmet has screens inside of the helmet with cameras placed somewhere else in the helmet

timnitro (author)dr.gizmo2011-10-09

that question can be answered in the other instructable

daft-punk (author)2012-05-12

plz tell me i understand everthong other than the cardstocks can u plz explain them to me like how to make the luchofiles and how to fold them and what size

imakeawesomestuff (author)2012-03-25

can someone please send me the pdf/ instructions for making this? i'm planning on making this for my school's personal project, it would be great if someone can send me the steps to making this. this used to have steps but they aren't here anymore

wickedsonic1 (author)2011-07-16

i might make a jacket and gloves to go with it for halloween

wickedsonic1 (author)2011-06-07

dude epic can you make an instructable on how to make a guy helmet to go with that one

PlaystationManiac (author)2011-03-27

How much this is litteraly epic dude serriously oh yeah and just wondering if i could ever purchase the n64 from you how much

sblank (author)2011-03-21

This is good, clean and simple. probably the best diy for this helmet that requires less than a day I've seen.

an extra cool little mod you can do if you want, you can buy programmable led belt buckles off ebay for cheap. Attach that to the inside of the visor and you got something pretty damn awesome.

slithien (author)2011-03-16

You could of used the NES's power glove for the glove

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