DJI Phantom Waterproof Skids


Introduction: DJI Phantom Waterproof Skids

The standard landing skids on the DJI Phantom are too small for soft snow landing, so I designed some easy waterproof wide skids that can be made with some closed-cell packing foam.

Step 1: Find Some Packing Foam

This chunk of foam was just stored in a box waiting to be transformed into something useful.

Step 2: Form the Skids

Cut two long skid forms about 9in x 2in x 2in

Step 3: Shape the Skids

Using a sharp razor blade, cut the skids into a nice curved shape. Cut out a small slit on top for the landing gear to fit into. If the skid foam obstructs the camera, trim back at an angle to keep as large a footprint as possible.

Step 4: Attach the Skids

I used two cable zip ties to attach the foam skids to the landing gear. Now it will sit on top of the snow instead of sinking and getting stuck.


Step 5:



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    Cool! What kind of effects do you notice on how it flies? They must catch quite a bit more wind that way. Also, have you tested them on water?

    1 reply

    Haven't tried them in high wind yet. In the water the skids will float, but not quite big enough to float the Phantom