A full featured driver board to control Red, Green, & Blue LEDs. When paired with the correct output board, it can control any arrangement of LEDs. Common Cathode, Common Anode, single color LEDs. From 1/8 watt LEDs to 3 watt LED arrangements.

4 stand-alone modes. Fade & Flash with speed adjustment via potentiometer. Manual color select via the same potentiometer. Sound reactivity with sensitivity adjustment and secondary adjustment.

Full DMX-512 addressing. Connect to a DMX Controller or a DMX computer program. 5 channels for Red, Green, Blue, Function, Speed.

Easy to control, a 3 position switch, a potentiometer for adjustment, and another potentiometer for sound sensitivity. 10 position DIP switch, 1-9 for DMX address, DIP 10 is for standalone controls.

Datasheet Can Be Found Here, For More Files and Updates Visit My Main Website

With the supplied breakout boards, upwards of 40 watts per color channel can be achieved.

Shown below is a 36 Watt RGB LED Wash Light built using this driver.

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*Note some of the images show the V.1 PCB, and the diagrams show the V.2, the only difference is trace width and RHEO&MIC share a 3-pin header instead of two 2-pin headers.

UPDATE: This kit is discontinued, Please View my new DMX-512 LED Controller with LED Display. All of the same features except sound reaction, in a smaller, cheaper, easier to use form.


Step 1: Layout the Parts

Kits for this Entire Project can Purchased in My Store 
Kits including a 3 watt RGB LED Can Be Found Here

If not all the parts are required, ex. No DIP Switch, XLRs, sound control
Please Contact Me and I can put together a customized Kit.

- PIC 16F688, programmed
- PIC 16F88, programmed
- LM386
- 20 mhz Series Oscillator
- 8-pin socket
- 14-pin socket
- 18 pin socket
- 10 position DIP Switch, DMX address selection
- Triple Pole Triple Pole Switch, Stand-Alone Mode Selection
- 15x 10k 1/4w Resistors
- 1x 1k ohm 1/4w resistor, R2
- 7805, TO-220 Voltage Regulator
- 1x 1uF 100v Capacitor, C1
- 1x 1uF 25v Capacitor, C2
- 2x 10uF capacitor, C6 & C7
- 2x 0.1uF disc Capacitor, C4 & C3
- 1x Panel Mount Male XLR
- 1x Panel Mount female XLR
- 1x Electret Microphone
- 1x 10k ohm Logarithmic Potentiometer
- 1x Common Cathode RGB LED for Testing.
- 1x 2-pin Header & Housing
- 2x 3-pin Header & Housing
- 1x 4-pin Header & Housing
- 1x 6-pin header & Housing
- 1x 12-pin Header & housing
- Crimps
- A Breakout board, chosen for the correct use. Just Ask
    Or a different form of current regulation that accepts TTL PWM, such as BuckPlus Line

Part Images and Description

This kit is no longer offered, a new improved version, <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/DMX-512-LED-Controller-w-LED-Display/" rel="nofollow">DMX-512 LED Controller with LED Display</a>&nbsp;is available.
Is it possible to find the source code, or that the circuit friend
Is it possible to find the source code, or that the circuit verebilirmi friend
Nice!<br>Anyone know how to hack the RGB indoor strands with their own controllers to function off of DMX?
Very Nice! Cool Project!
Nice job!<br>But those PIC's have to buy from you?<br>Course i didn't see source code... Or am i just blind? ;-)

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