Picture of DNAquiri: the delicious DNA extraction
Extracting DNA from spit or fruit is a favorite science faire / Maker Faire demo. This is the adult version of that science demo, inspired by Mac Cowell's 5 minute DNA Extraction in a Shot Glass instructable. Especially his final picture, where he drinks his own salt-detergent-rum spit cocktail. :-D Hey, if you're going to use high-proof rum, you might as well make it tasty, right?

Extracting DNA from plant or animal sources is a fairly straightforward procedure, and can even be done at home. However, to our knowledge, no one had previously created a DNA extraction protocol that also functions as a cocktail recipe. The DNAquiri is an attempt to fill this scientific void. The cocktail consists of a strawberry puree layer and an alcohol layer, where the DNA from the strawberries is extracted into the alcohol layer. Because DNA is an extremely long polymer, when it clumps together in the alcohol layer it forms long strands that are visible to the naked eye and can be picked up with a toothpick.

This is a project that was developed and presented (and won Best In Show!) at Science Hack Day San Francisco 2011. http://sf.sciencehackday.com/ 
Patrik D'haeseleer 
Bonnie Barrilleaux
Lily Lew
Joseph Elsbernd
Michelle Peters
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canida3 years ago
This is awesome! Go science.
_Billa_3 years ago
DNA drink omg! Is very creative.
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Woah, who says nerds can't party?