DOB Concept Macrame Purse





Introduction: DOB Concept Macrame Purse

This is a hand woven purse with different knots and design. I used the alternating square knots and celtic knots Design.its fashionable purse for all Ladies.

Step 1: Step 1

Get 2 twines and measure 100 inches of a taperule. make 48 strings of 100 inches

Step 2: Step 2

knot an Alternating Square Knots pattern continously till you have 3 rows.

Step 3:

Knot a Celtic knot pattern continously till the tail end. then you knot Alternating square knots to finish up the down part of the purse

Step 4: Step 4

get a zip and a linen and sow together. then place it in the purse and tag ot together with a needle. then your purse is ready.



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    Really cool! Do you ever notice anything falling out of it?

    Nothing can fall out of it cos I ensure I line the inner part with a fabric. that helps carry your stuff inside and intact

    Oh, I couldn't tell that there was a liner in there. It might be helpful to include that in your instructable so that other trying to replicate your really cool looking purse don't have any troubles with it.

    Alright. thanks