This is the costume I made for Halloween of 2011. The design is based primarily on the design of the Cybermen from the 1967 serial entitled "The Moonbase". For a variety of reasons - some practical, some personal - I did not attempt to create an exact duplicate of the costume from that show, but it's one of my favorite incarnations of the Cybermen and served as the most direct inspiration. The costume consists of five main features: the mask, the suit, the chest console, the boots, and the gloves. The mask is easily the most complicated piece, but actually took the least amount of time.

One of the nice things about choosing a Cyberman for a costume is that they appear different each time the monsters are resurrected on Doctor Who, so you have a lot of leeway in terms of design choices, and a lot of incarnations from which to draw inspiration. For me, the most important features to signify a Cyberman are the "handles" on their heads and the distinctive "teardrop" design of the eye holes (not yet present on the actual Moonbase Cyberman designs, and my primary reason for not trying to copy them exactly).

Besides the mask, the main things you'll need to make this costume are:

Plastic tubing
Silver paint (traditional and spray)
Wiffle Balls
Trading Card Collector's Box
Circuit Board
A clever brother with knowledge of electronics
A handy boyfriend with a circular saw

I will show you what I used and how I used it, but you're certainly not bound to my choices. Many of my specific selections were made based on what I had sitting around, and there are a lot of other ways this costume could have gone.

Step 1: MASK

I knew from the beginning that I was going to have to make a significant change to the mask, because the originals were in two parts that would be fastened together around your head. But since I would be making my mask out of papier mache, I needed it to be a single piece that I could pull over my head... and that meant it was going to require a neck large enough to shove my whole noggin through! The goal was to retain the basic silhouette of the Cyberman without distorting things too much with my giant head.

The first thing I did, through sheer trial and error, was to construct a basic skeleton of the mask using poster board, and duct tape it together. It was essentially built right on my face. I would wrap it around, figure out what I needed to cut next, and duct tape it into place. I tied some lengths of yarn around it, to keep the face bent into the shape I wanted while I applied the papier mache. I also attached the flange around the bottom, which helps the neck appear thinner and sort of integrates the whole piece into the suit. You can use whatever process you find easiest when it comes to building the infrastructure of the mask, but keep in mind that you want the finished product to be as symmetrical as possible. Square off your board and draw a line bisecting it, and be careful to mirror all the changes you make. When it came to making the "chin", for example, I put my head through the neck area, with the faceplate only attached at the top. I then measured how far I would need the bottom of the faceplate to protrude in order to accommodate my rather long nose, and then cut a contoured strip of poster board to fill that gap. I taped it loosely into place, put the mask on again, and if it wasn't exactly right I made adjustments. There is no hard-and-fast pattern to something like this. All of the tape lines you can see in the early pictures are from inserting additional shunts of poster board for just this reason.

My profile contains a number of instructables where I go into much greater detail about the actual papier mache process, so I will kind of gloss over that here. Basically, once I had the mask in the shape I wanted it, using nothing but poster board, duct tape and string, I built up a skin of paper mache and let it cure until completely solid. A coat of primer was followed by a couple of coats of nice silver paint. The paint has to cure for several days to be touchable, but it looks amazing when finished.

The decorative touches on the mask include a strip of weird black foam that I bolted around the forehead (I purchased this at American Science and Surplus, from a shelf labeled "(Extremely) Miscellaneous Foam".) I also epoxied on a couple of lengths of wire on the skull area, and added black plastic tubing around the flange. This tubing is super cheap, the sort intended to be used to keep straggling wires bundled together.

I left the round opening above the forehead exactly the right size to accept the concave chrome-finished reflector from the inside of a cheap flashlight. Held in place with epoxy, the opening at the center allows for a bright white LED on the end of a long wire to be pushed through from the inside of the mask. The wire is taped down along the inside of the mask and runs down to a battery pack that I can carry in my left pocket.

Altogether, the mask does look a little outsized, but once it's worn in tandem with the rest of the costume you'll hardly notice.
<p>I'm already looking for something for next year's Hallow'een, this is on my list of possibles :-)</p>
<p>I'm doing dis for holloween next year. but this year i'm gonna be the the 4th doctor.</p>
<p>I want to see it!</p>
<p>well made there due :)</p><p>check out my 2006 Cyberleader here.</p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/NEW-CARDBOARD-Project-2006-Cyberleader-armour/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/NEW-CARDBOARD-Proj...</a></p>
hi again......just had to let you know my hubby won best 'Doctor Who enemy' at a recent DW convention....thanks to your help. I changed the costume slightly, but it was a big hit....I've included a pic
Holy cow, that is terrific!!!
Hey, me and my fiancée both went as cybermen to the MCM Expo Comic Con in London this weekend, and were the only cybermen there. An actor from one of the newer doctor who's stopped us, and Tom Baker was there, so he signed the helmet. Thank you for these easy to follow instructions :-)
That's AMAZING! I love it!
Great costume! Excellent Instructable!
I recently watched the tomb of the cybermen and I loved it.
Oh....forgot to mention: we are both in out mid 50's......Nerds never age...LOL
Almost finished my cyber costume...I had to make a few changes. As we are flying from Perth to Melbourne (5 hr trip), I had to make the 'collar' separate, so it could fit in my luggage ( don't know what the airport people will think when it goes through the scanner....hahaha.)..it actually has turned out great. I just glued velcro around the neck &amp; inside the helmet, it sits great. I have a voice changer too, which is awesome. I pulled a PC tower apart &amp; cut the inside panel in half. I left some of the wires on it for extra effect. I was able to put a hole in the wiffle balls, it was very easy to do with a drill &amp; the tubing moves very 'naturally'. I had to make the overalls as I couldn't find any light colored ones, but they have turned out really well &amp; lightweight ( I'm a seamstress :) ). It was difficult getting the mask smooth...but hubby sprayed some putty on it &amp; sanded it fairly smooth. I used 20 battery operated party lights in the console &amp; they can be flashing or static. We are going to enter the costume competition ( I'm going as the Tardis). If my cyber costume comes anywhere I will give you credit. Thanks again for an awesome commentary &amp; excellent instructions.
This is an AWESOME costume...hope you don't mind me using some of your tips &amp; ideas. Going to make one for my hubby for an upcoming DW convention.
Very good, I like the classic Cybermen much more than the new Cybermen.
I personally want to THANK YOU for posting these step by step instructions on this build! I've been wanting to make this costume for quite some time now (the wiffle balls and vacuum tubing were just too tempting) but didn't know where to start. Your layout was creative and very achievable with a little time and patience. Happy Halloween :) <br> <br>http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e384/tecwater/HalloweenContestWinners2012.jpg <br> <br>Sincerely, <br> <br>Jason
Awesome job, and great costume. I like how you did the headpiece, it comes out well and avoids messing with resins and such. Makes me feel like I could make something like that even though resinds in general hate me. <br> <br>Thanks for sharing!
My pleasure! I try to make all my costumes using the cheapest and simplest materials possible. Of course, I have always been intrigued by the idea of actually using THE BEST TOOL FOR THE JOB, but so far that hasn't usually been an option!
Excellent tutorial! Excellent suit! My hat's off to you sir!
Thank you! I am super proud of this one, though still disappointed at the number of people who thought I was &quot;a robot&quot;...
very impressive! Me likey! <br>
super cool
this is great
Love your headpieces! I have been reading your instructables with a project in mind for 5th-6th graders... any advice on doing these type of projects with kids that young?
awesome!!!!! costumes
Oldschool Who! =D<br>The your mask on the final photos looks strangely happy. Cyberman emotion? ^^
Certainly not! Upgrade or be deleted, I always say.
Awesome!<br><br>To be honest, your one looks better than the original. xD
Thank you! I actually had to restrain myself from making it too fancy, because I wanted my Cyberman to really look like something they might have used at the BBC in the sixties.
Haha, awesome.<br><br>One thing i would do though, is put some form of mesh over the eyes! That way you can still see out, but people can't see your eyes.
Oh yes, that is the plan! I'm just waiting to screen out the eyes and mouth until my voice modulator arrives, because it will need to be attached inside the mask and I figure I might need to stick my fingers through the face-holes to do it!
This is awesome, we MUST have video! <br><br>I mailed the voice modulator today, hopefully it's to you by Wednesday!
Wait, wait, wait...there's a <em>voice modulator</em> that goes with this?! I second the video request!
Very cool, I am so excited! I will be sure to have Rob take some grainy video of Cyberman in the park next weekend.
great job, and the helmet looks amazing!
Much obliged! I'm very proud of how this one turned out!
It has a little bit of lego face as a cyberman
Really it's the other way 'round! Lego men were not introduced until the late seventies, while the Cybermen's first story was THE TENTH PLANET in '66.
Great job!
I think, if I opened my door to this, I might actually shriek in fear and hide behind the sofa...<br><br>(Ah, memories...)
High praise indeed! Sending people behind the sofa is why I do what I do...
<br> If you ever came up with a <a href="http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/The_Talons_of_Weng-Chiang">giant rat</a>, I wouldn't even open the door!
Always look forward to seeing your amazing builds!
Thank you scooch! I'm always good for one instructable a year, but I do try to make it memorable!

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