Introduction: DODO Case for Glasses

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This instructable shows very simple modifications, but these modifications make it so much easier to use the virtual reality viewer with glasses.

Step 1: Build the Dodo Case

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Before playing around with modifying the virtual reality viewer we first built the Dodo case to get a feel of how it worked.

Step 2: But How Do You Fit Glasses?

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Once built, we immediately realized the DODO case wasn't very glasses friendly. And when you need your glasses to see, the DODO case isn't very entertaining. So we first cut out the sides of the DODO case so that it would fit over glasses.

Step 3: Adding a Headstrap

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Using glue dots, we then added a head strap to hold the DODO case on the head so that you didn't have to hold it up over your glasses as you walked.

And Voila! DODO case for glasses.


longp2000 (author)2015-01-16

what is a "dodo" case, does "dodo" mean something specificllay?

hollyjackson (author)longp20002015-01-16

longp2000--DODO case is just the brand. It is a cardboard "virtual reality viewer" that works with android and iphones.

Here is a link with more information!

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