Introduction: DODOCase Bumpers

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Worried that you'll drop your DODOCase? Add a layer of protection with the addition of Sugru make bumpers.

Step 1: Assembly

Assemble your DODOCase as per the instructions included in the packaging.

Step 2: Prepare Sugru

Open you the Sugru color of your choice and start to shape the it. Once the Sugru is malleable, mold the pieces into four small balls.

Step 3: Add the Sugru

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Add one ball of Sugru to each of the front corners of your DODOCase.

Step 4: Have Fun

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Wait approximately 24 hours for the Sugru to cure and once it's solid, you are ready to use your DODOCase with Bumpers.


wilgubeast (author)2014-10-24

Did you find that the Sugru adhered nicely to the corrugated edge of the cardboard?

Yeah, It molded to the corners pretty well. I'm sure with some force it will come off, but it seems pretty solid.

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