When you're running around in your enhanced reality, you want your hands free. This simple hack lets you wander with your DODOcase enhanced phone handsfree.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

Moustache is optional but recommended. For those of us not wearing the DODOcase, it's more entertaining when we watch the wearer prance around. We can post a separate instructable if you need help with that part.

Step 2: Clamp Your Nose

Attach the clamp to your nose. We recommend a wider clamp to provide a sufficient base to rest the DODOcase. A strong spring helps keep the clamp on your nose.

If you plan to move around vigorously or move your head a lot, velcro would be helpful.

So smart idea! Thanks for shearing :)
<p>Oooo... strapless is so in this season. </p>

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