D'OH! Homer Simpson Groom's Cake Figure





Introduction: D'OH! Homer Simpson Groom's Cake Figure

With little notice I was asked to make a figure for a wedding. Well I just happened to have a new bag of Sculpey Ultra Light handy and decided that would be a good trial run for it. I made Homer in 9 main parts, the head, torso, shoulders, arms , legs and feet. 
Shaping the head was he hardest part, he ended up a bit squished on the sides.
I sculpted 8 parts for just the head but joined them together before baking (275° for 15 minutes per 1/4" of thickness.)
The arms/ hands were pretty easy as I just rolled them out to the general shape, flattened the end for the hand and used scissors for cutting out fingers. Once cut I gently rounded each finger and shaped into a grasping pose.
The torso was made over a brass incense cone so I didn't have to use as much material and to shorten the baking time.
Each part was sanded enough to remove finger prints and defects.
I used some cheap Walmart craft paint and a fine sharpie for the hair and can labels.

Ultra Light Sculpey (or equvilant)
hobby knife
fine tipped marker
oven (or toaster oven)



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    i don't think that's really appropriate it's great but you would have to get the bride drunk for her to accept it

    Well it was on the grooms cake and that's what the bride wanted!

    LOL that's awesome is this your wedding or a friends?

    Just a friend of my sisters.

    Great! Beer... ulghlaa...

    did they mind that this was on their wedding cake? i mean, was it like a real fancy wedding or did the couple have a sense of humor? Great either way

    It was with the grooms cake, they are usually something the groom likes. This was next to a giant donut.

    When I get a picture of him and the cake I'll post that for the full effect.