This is my favorite pie recipe. I am always picking up cheap glass pie plates at garage sales to use when giving these pies away.

For my pies I use the ready to unroll & bake pie crust found in the refrigerated section of the grocery.
You will also need:
5 or 6 Granny Smith apples
1 Teaspoon Cinnamon
1 Teaspoon Vanilla
½ Teaspoon Nutmeg
1 Stick of Butter
3 Tablespoons Flour
½ Cup White Sugar
½ Cup Brown Sugar
¼ Cup Water

Step 1: Apples

You need to start with 4 or 5 Granny Smith apples. Use 6 if the apples are small. (All the measurements here are for ONE pie. Double it if you are making two like I did.)
yummie!!! going to try to make that in about 10 mins!! Thank You!!
<p>This is literally the first pie I have ever made and it turned out perfectly! This recipe is flawless.</p>
<p>Way to go!</p>
Mmmm! Caramel apple pie! Can there be anything better :D
Love love love this pie. I made for Thanksgiving and it turned out wonderful. My brother asked specifically for apple pie this year and it was a hit with the whole family. He wants me to bring this to every gathering now.
I followed the recipe exactly and this is absolutely without question the most beautiful apple pie that I have ever made. Besides for smelling good and tasting good. I've made a lot of pies but none that I would bring to the bake sales and put out on the table next to the pies of the village &quot;pie ladies&quot; until this one.
Thank you so much for the kind words! You really made my day. <br> <br>
Thank you for the compliments! I have been reading some other pie recipes here on Instructables, and I am thinking of trying a crust made for scratch for the first time with this pie. <br>
The best (easiest and great tasting) pie crust I have found is from Martha Stewart's web site. Look up pate brisee. It is made in a food processor and comes out perfect every time. I'm trying your pie recipe for Thanksgiving this year. Thanks for sharing.
Looks very similiar to grandma oples apple pie but I see you added some spices. Im sure it's delish
I'm trying your recipe for the first time, and I noticed you didn't mention what temperature you heat the caramel sauce at. The first time I made it, it solidified and became just a sugary clump. I'm not sure if it's because I didn't cook it long enough, or cooked it too long. Please be more specific. I can't wait to try the pie once I do get it done though! Thanks! :)
I use an electric oven and start with the burner on medium-high heat. Once the mixture really starts to boil and begins expanding in the pot, I start turning the heat down. I want it to boil, but not as rapidly as when it started. I obviously also forgot to mention that you need to continuously stir the mixture the entire time that it is boiling! Thank you for pointing this out to me! I will update the instructions. <br>
this looks delesih you should make a diffrent version like mini pies and enter it in the contest.
What a beautiful pie! :D<br>
That looks Delicious Great Ible too !
Id derail some serious dieting that I have been doing for a fat slice of this.

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