Picture of DOOR for a blanket fort!
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When my sister and I were little, we used to make forts by pulling the couch away from the half wall and putting blankets across the top.  We made doors on the ends that you can pull up with string, similar to window blinds.

Things you need:

A sheet or blanket that you can cut holes in the side (or maybe a loosely knitted blanket/afghan that you can thread the string through)
String or yarn
A yard stick -or some other long straight stick like thing to make the top of the door frame (broom stick, straight vacuum stick/hose)
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Step 1: Where's the door go?

Picture of Where's the door go?
blanket over.JPG
I think everyone knows how to make a simple blanket fort.  Just drape your sheets or blankets across furniture with enough room in between so you can sit in it.  
In my case, we would pull the couch away from the half wall and drape blankets across it.  

To make the door, you place a yard stick across the end to make the top of the frame, and drape a blanket over so it touches the floor.

Step 2: Magic string

Picture of Magic string
Now you will cut holes in the sheet to thread the string through.  I cut five holes, the first one near the bottom edge of the blanket.
Tie the string through the bottom hole and the edge, then thread it back and forth through the holes until you get to the top, then hang it over the yard stick from the inside.

Step 3: Use it!

Picture of Use it!
Pull the strings down and they pull the door up.  You can just leave the strings hanging over the yard stick, or tie them to something to make a handle.  I've used a popsicle stick, or put beads on the end of the strings.  Have fun!