A divine weapon that causes damage and a bright burning effect that lays waste to nearby enemies.
Passive Burn Damage
Bonus +65 Damage
Deals damage per second in a 700 radius.
Damage per Second: 50

This is my version of the legendary Radiance from the Valve game DOTA2. Inspired by the "burning effect" this sword glows when placed on its stand. It's made from acrylic and maple hardwood with orange and yellow LEDs built into the crossguard.

Step 1: Blade Design

My first step was to acquire the thickest acrylic sheet (.22") for the blade. Rip to 5" wide, and shape the tip and bottom where it will attach to the hilt. I tried working with the protective film in place, but it was too cumbersome so most work was with it removed being careful not to scratch it too much.

<p>Kind of confusing, but once I have all the materials I can probably do it! Awesome project!</p>
<p>How did you attache the handle to the crossguard? Awesome project!</p>
It's a friction fit. The handle is slightly larger than the hole. Good enough to hold but I wouldn't swing it around hard.
Thanks for the reply! I try not to swing these kinds projects too hard because of just that kind of thing. This really is great work.
<p>?hey how to make a rune scracth</p>
<p>Thanks for all the votes! I'm happy to be a contest winner again. </p><p>After a month of looking at the sword I'll make some comments: 1. Use only yellow LEDs: Its a little too much orange. 2. Keep little kid hands off the blade: the smallest smudge gets amplified and are pretty visible from side angles. And the acrylic really holds onto dust due to static charges.</p>
<p>This looks AMAZING!</p><p>It's definitely on the list of possible gifts I might make for some of my gamer friends.</p>
<p>it Reminds me of Grand marshal's Claymore in wow :D</p>
cool idea ,dotA2
<p>Great glow!</p>
<p>EEK! The mere sight of this would have me quaking in my Seven-League Boots....Nice work!!</p>
<p>This looks awesome! </p>
Very nice!
<p>Wow, nice build!</p>

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