Introduction: DO's AND DONT's WITH LUMI

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During our September build night session with Lumi we experienced a lot of challenges that I believe most people who will want to use Lumi for the first time will also encounter. This instructable is about the Do's and Dont's when using Lumi for the first time.

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1. Do ensure that you work with Lumi on a bright and Sunny day.

Step 2: DON'Ts

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Do ensure that your cloth is well exposed to the sun.

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Do ensure that the film is well placed and the shirt is well covered. You can use a tape to do that.

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 Do not expose the shirt for less than 10 minutes, the dye will not print very well.

Step 5:

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Do place a cardboard beneath your shirt to hold the shirt firmly when applying lumi

Step 6:

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Don't expose the unwanted part to direct sunlight after removing your film.

Step 7:

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Do not expose your cloth to little light. The setting will not be as effective.

Step 8:

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Do not apply the lumi inkodye until the cloth is soggy.


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