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Step 17: Inductor, Diodes

Picture of Inductor, Diodes
Next are the inductor and the clamping diodes. Works the same as the resistors. The diodes are quite sensitive to overheating, so be careful to solder them quickly. The best approach is to first solder only one end of all diodes, then the other end – this gives them enough time to cool down in the time between.

Note: Be careful– the diodes have to be put in with correct polarity (orientation); the negative end is denoted by a black band around the diode body. The silkscreen outline also shows a (white) stripe – when properly installed, the black diode band should match the white silkscreen stripe. Note that the orientation is not the same for all diodes – see picture below. Installing the diodes the wrong way around will prevent the instrument from working and may even damage the diodes.

The inductor on the other hand is not polarized and can be put in either way.