first things first, THIS IS NOT MY BEAST, its DR Weird's now with that off my chest, this is my 3rd instructable and what a great one it is, ask DR weird for the status of this gun now lets get started

Step 1: The Front Barrel

this is the front barrel of the gun this gives it the looks

Step 2: Main Barrel and Trigger

this is the firing mech of this gun

Step 3: Handle

the handle

Step 4: The Stock

the stock

Step 5: Scope

this is the hendsolt scope

Step 6: The Mag

the mag
its not a great replica, and it can be improved. 3.5*
I'm not being confrontational or anything, but I honestly want to see how good a replicator you are. I mean, you haven't posted a replica, you should, to see how you are.
speaking of replicas what do you think to my kriss?
ya really think i should
yea, post it!
a first... dj wants something posted :0
ok will do, but it may take time, ill have to break up the dragunov and rebuild
damn ive already broken it up and no pictures to show
I know, he should. It looks exactly like it, I think.
I love kriss's. There also the name of my country sword.
WHOA! Dude!! Are you gonna post that?
I have an idea for a knex uzi. It has a very realistic stock, and a clip much like the uzi. I would consider it a mod to the SKP on KI.
i made an uzi with a true folding stock a while ago
Still here?
heres one
what do u mean?
It looks exactly like one.
thank you
nope, maybe ill find a pic tho
Can I see???
Like I said, its just an idea. I havent built it yet, because I am working on other stuff.
Looks up, sees the word "idea", types this: Whoops! Well, can I see the other stuff?
this is a rifle I finished today (its a sear system rifle):
Hm...Looks okay. Have a name for it yet? Specs?
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/community/SPEC_4_Commando_v1/">link to the gun</a><br/>
dude, this isnt his gun. its dr. wierds.
I have to say I agree with you.
It's uh...mine.
in the slideshow it dit look better but its the same gun!
It looks like the whole thing's about ready to snap in half!
it's just how he made it???
ow far did you say this shoots?
With the Nerf Dart Shell, 30.
can you load the nerf dari shells in the mag?
A special mag I ripped off, yes.
Can i see a pic?
Maybe, but first, I'll describe it: Tear the head off a Nerf dart so that you can see right through it. Actually, it's TheDunkis' off his XM8 on KNEXINNOVATION.
Yeah I figured
Two feet.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! You figured out how to fill in the barrel...thanks. 5 stars, because I owe you.
woulda been better if you posted (no offence)
your nice, why what did i do
Just because drweird never has posted a gun and i think it would have been good practice
its not fair, i post someone else's gun and already in the first two days im reciving comments saying i gave it 5*s and its faved, in 3 months of having my guns posted i still havent had a fav

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