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It's been awhile but I am back for 2015 with my newest creation, this project was in the pipeline for years I have drawn out plans and dreamed about doing it. So I got the chance to bring another dream of mine to life, WARNING this project is not for the ones faint of heart. On a scale of 1 to 10 its a 10 maybe even an 11 on how hard its to make something like this happen. Plus I only had a 30 day deadline keep in mind I work full time 40 hours a week and 2 days off a week. So I only really had 10 days to make this happen.


This is the heart and soul to this whole project, Drills have plenty of power to offer but its getting going in the right way is the trick. You can go get a right angle attachment and mod it, sadly I don't do things that way. To the CNC and lathe with this assembly. Full aluminum housing with 304 stainless right angle gears and output, to a simple #25 sprocket. The holster is a quick release design with adjustments. Because there are a number of different drills that can be used. I designed it so I will fit different makes and models of drills, just change and shift the holding bracket to make different drills to fit.

Step 2: Getting Power to the Ground

For this project I was using an old pocket bike I found in the trash . The rear rim came with a small light weight sprocket. That's gone and replaced with a bigger #25 sprocket to match the out put. There isn't much to say about this step.

Step 3: Mock Up

On the mock up I needed to make sure the front sprocket lined up with the rear tire. And how I would mount it to the bike. To solve this problem I reused the slotted plate where the engine sat and relocated it on in the frame. Now I need to cut it all apart and re-weld it.


So I relocated the old mount plate to the top of the frame to hold the gear drive. Re enforced the frame and changed the saddle. It was molded with a gas tank cover, So that was removed and needed to do body work to fill in what was missing. I know it looks small but it took about 16 hours of fabrication to get all the parts to work together


Yes the color changed from a stain to a copper tone gloss. This bike can reach about 35mph on a fully charged I-on battery. It will also turn peoples heads when you zip past them riding on a drill. This bike can fit Rigid, Makita, Dewalt, Ryobi, etc. A drill with about 1700 to 2000+ rpm is ideal to get this bike moving. Overall this bike is a great, fun to ride and handles great.

Step 6:


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So I know its been a while since I've posted I first would like to thank all of you for such positive feed back, I other news I am thinking about making more of these bikes for others please feel free on messaging me for more information

Awesome rig! Is it possible to get drawing sheet for the holster/ right angle gear mounting plate?

Trailer along a solar array, extend the range. ;-)

I am not to familiar with powering with solar panels, I would see it prolonging the battery but it would still die

Dying later is always better than dying sooner. ;-)

It is likely the extra drag of the trailer causes a reduction in travel distance, requires more power than the solar cells on it can create during that period of time. Take a good look at successful solar powered vehicles and you will see they have a very low drag, narrow wheels, light weight, etc.

What you point out are possible factors, however it should also be kept in mind that the bike may well be parked in the sun during shopping or library visits or other intermittent needs, in which case some energy can be replenished. The design of the trailing charger doesn't necessarily have to be a a conventional work either, that is where creative thinking can be employed to overcome and achieve.

Creative thinking can not overcome physics.

Creative thinking overcame a host of physics by putting man on the moon and returning him safely to earth.

Creative thinking can overcome many PROBLEMS but it cannot overcome the laws of physics. Not even Albert could achieve that.