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Make a hand-held drilling machine on your own.This project was made by Prince Dzuckey.
You can e-mail me for more information at Dzuckey@yahoo.com


(1) motor
(2) wire
(3) switch
(4) 9v battery
(5) a piece of plywood
(6) a piece of PVC pipe
(7) Formica glue
(8) sandpaper
(9) Drill pin

(1) hacksaw
(2) soldering iron
(3) knife


You have to cut a piece of plywood in the form of circle. Then you have to cut some of the sandpaper in a circle of the same size. Put them on a clean table to avoid dust.


You have to connect the motor, the switch, and the 9v battery . After you have finished connecting them, you have to put them inside the pipe.

Step 4: FINISH

You have to put glue on top of the plywood circle and you have to put glue on the sand paper. Put both in the sun for 30minutes. After you have put it in the sun for a long time, you have to go to collect it. When they are dry put them together. Make a little hole in the middle of the plywood, and mount it on the motor shaft.



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    My personal handy guy philosophy: "Why pay $8 for something when you can make one in 8 hours."

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    Instructables.com has a "be nice" comment policy.
    which means that sarcastic rhetoric (intended or not) runs the risk of getting banned from the site.

    besides that, instructables.com is a global site (sadly, few americans realize what that means).
    it means that in some parts of the world the philosophy of $8-vs.-8 hours of DIY is not an option. why not?

    because (a) in most African countries stores like Home Depot or Radio Shack are not available.

    (b) most people in Africa don't even have the $8 to spend on food, let alone tools. thus DIY is the only way for them to get something.

    So it is. Some people are spoiled and think that if they have something then all have them. I mean how someone showed how to do this or that by using kupisha expensive things like drills, angle grinders and such as they almost all have these at home. There is nothing more pleasing than to do something with their own hands especially from almost nothing.

    Okay, but it would be better if you put the button in the bike under him to make holes through which to push example 2 bolts back so you can put your battery and put a cap to all retracted. I have something, but for drilling and cutting done by partially damaged electric toothbrush, but feed it with unnecessary supply of phone and drive me cutting of sheet metal jar.

    Nice project Prince, exactly the kind of thing I've always liked to do!

    hmmm.... to mutch resistance for the motor and how does this drill?again to mutch resistance

    looks like fun.. but how do you connect the disc to the motor spindle? Surely if its just a hole, as soon as you try to sand something the resistance is going to be too much and the spindle will just spin inside the hole? ..

    1 reply

    good question, II0II.
    true, after some use (whether light- or heavy duty) the hole might become loose over time and result in a spinning spindle inside a stationary disc.

    i'm no techie myself, but here are 2 tips off the top:

    (a) you can glue the disc to the spindle itself, and wrap a square piece of sandpaper around it (*). this way you can replace the paper once it's worn off.

    (b) you can use a flat-sided spindle, make a matching flat-sided hole on the disc, and attach the sand paper on the disc (*).

    (*) secure the sand paper by drilling 4 additional holes on the back of the disc and tucking the paper corners into them.

    i'm sure there are more and better ways to achieve that too.

    I might just make this.

    Great Instructable, a do-it-yourself Dremel tool, [battery powered and portable!]
    You have a real tool here, and adaptable to a lot of uses.  I'm going to build one to use as a light duty sander and shaper for my carving and jointing of model frameworks.  Thanks for the great idea!


    Good work, well written and useful. I like that it is both inexpensive and portable.

    very cool, you should be able to fit the battery in to the pipe 1-remove all the wiring and motor 2-boil some water 3-hold the end of the pipe in the boiling water (be careful) 4-the plastic will become soft and you can work with it to make the battery fit nice project... who needs a dremel when you can make your own??!!

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    9v motor 1000rpm, dremel- 30 000 rpm . Cool, but not a dremel trought. You can make a better one using a 12v mini compressor (the ones with car plugs) and instead of battery you can use a converted ATX PSU . it's a novely idea trought.

    P.S I think that if you have a sharp blade on the motor you will be able to drill but only if you work with a 12 volt do adapter :) I've builded my own with an 12 volt motor and 12 volt dc adapter and drills perfect :) if you make it with an 9 volt motor actually it will be more powerful on 12 volts

    Impressive. Is the motor strong enough to actually drill with it?


    Excellent. I wish I was this enterprising at your age.

    If you add more length to the dc motor shaft and a loop with coil or a spring around it it could make a great drink frother for your coffee or drink mixer.

    If you add more length to the dc motor shaft and a loop with coil or a spring around it it could make a great drink frother for your coffee or drink mixer.

    If you add more length to the dc motor shaft and a loop with coil or a spring around it it could make a great drink frother for your coffee or drink mixer.