During the hot season if you leave the house for a few days You can make sure to keep your plants alive by supplying them a minimum of water using a single device.
Even in a place distant from water source First by or get you a piece of cellular concrete a plastic bottle and a small tube Cut a piece of cellular concrete which you will drill and cut with cutter, the drill diameter will be the same than the used tube In the same way drill the bottle cap and place an end of the tube in the cork and the other one in the piece of cut concrete

Step 1: Cut a Piece of Cellular Concrete

Picture of Cut a Piece of Cellular Concrete

With a saw cut a piece of concrete and put it in form in vue to bury it after

Step 2: Drill and Shape Cap and Piece

Picture of Drill and Shape Cap and Piece

Step 3: Watertight Cap and Piece

Picture of Watertight Cap and Piece

Using an Hot Melt Mini Glue Gun in a watertight manner the cork and the concrete piece are sealed

Step 4: The End

Picture of The End

You can fix in the ground the bottle using a single twisted metal rod and open

the bottom of the bottle once in position to pour the water there.

Device efficient and not expensive

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DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-09-12

Nice. I think that this is the first portable drip irrigation system that I have seen.

Thanks, i have used it this summer, and it's enough for a week, i have same put the concret plug right on the bottleneck and so we don't need of the tube.