Introduction: DROPLETS

Hi everybody. Today I will show you how to make easy, quick and tasty droplets. This is a simple way of making delicious treats for guests out of three ingredients and in under 25 minutes. Read through the instructable before starting so you can understand what is needed. I hope the instructions are simple to understand and that you enjoy making them.


All you need for the recipe is:
- 400g puff pastry
- 1 teaspoon cinnamon (or more depending on how strong you want it)
- 100g sugar 

The tools used are:
- knife
- baking tray (glass/metal)
- baking paper

Step 2: STEP 1

Put the baking paper in the baking tray and roll out the pastry.

Step 3: STEP 2

Fold the pastry in half  and open it again so it makes a half way mark. Sprinkle the sugar all over the pastry so that it is evenly spread out. Then put the cinnamon on as well.

Step 4: STEP 3

Take the one side of the pastry and carefully roll it towards the center. Stop at the half way mark. Repeat this with the other side. Don't roll it too tight but it must also not be loose. It will look like image 5 from the side.

Step 5: STEP 4

Once both sides are rolled in, cut the pastry into pieces of around 2 cm. Then place them evenly in the baking tray facing up. You can sprinkle the left over sugar on top of them. Pre-heat the oven to about 200 degrees Celsius. Place them in the oven and leave them for around 20 minutes or until they become golden-brown.


Once they are golden brown it means they are ready to eat. They should be crispy and delicious. I hope you enjoyed making and most of all eating them. I would also like to thank my grandmother as she guided and assisted me with the recipe and the making of the droplets. Thank you very much for checking out my instructable and comment on what you think. 

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    Well done! Chilling the roll will make them easier to slice with less distortion.

    400g - 14.11 oz
    1 teaspoon - 1/6fl oz
    100g sugar - 3.53 oz
    200ºC = 392.00ºF
    ... hope it helps :-)

    Nice :)
    Try to cover the other side with sugar too, you'll get a crispy and almost addictive result :)


    We make a very similar confection but substitute 5-spice powder for the cinnamon. It's an excellent finish to an Asian meal or just as a unique snack.
    Hint: Make a double batch - they don't last!

    I'm going to try that variation. i have 5 spice and that sounds yummy ;-)

    I got the 'Droplets' Instructable this morning and after my post couldn't let go of the urge to make some. So I did. Since we had no phyllo at hand I whipped up a boxed pastry crust, used the pasta maker to roll it out VERY thin then used two sheets with butter in between to make a faux phyllo. I had some raisins soaking in rum for another project and tossed about 1/4 cup of them onto the surface before rolling up. They're gone, (double recipe.) The G'kids were over after school and I ruined their supper but oh well. Sorry, no pics. I must get into the habit but ......If you enjoyed the original recipe I'm sure you'll like this alternative.

    I think my grandmother will agree about making a double batch ;)

    I am old school don't get metric - ahhhhh metric - what is 200 degree Celsius?

    Google- 200 degree C. Faster than posting your whine.

    Puff pastry? Can I use plane pizza or biscuit dough?