Picture of DS cardboard arcade stand
I've previously seen arcade-like stands for orginal gameboy, and psp ( [http://com/2008/03/quite-possibly-the-moste-useless-yet-awesome-psp-accessory-ever/ to view this psp one clik here] ). When I saw this PSP one few hours ago i kept myself looking for ds one (because it would be cooler to play some of touch screen games), but i found nothing-so I made one myself.
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Step 1: Project

Picture of Project
The first thing you have to make is a good project- the easiest way (which I've choosen) was to put ds sideway while it was open on a sheet of paper and then i drew the outlines of DS's back (making the lines as straight as I could). That gaves us the DS's holder (from side-view). Now you have to add some lines to make it an example of side-wall of our arcade stand (keep in mind that the DS's holder should be in a position to make LCD viewable). If it doesn't look good or It does not give you satisfaction, do this step again.

Step 2: Making the project on a cardboard

Picture of Making the project on a cardboard
Now you have to draw your side wall project on sort of a big cardboard, and draw the back wall and flipped side wall (and other walls that will be in front and at the top/bottom). On the picture there is a little help for you about building arcade stands/machines for newbies (this is the simpliest example of how-to-make-one, it's not precise but fast ;). In our arcade stand The X lengh is about 9cm (it's because the DS's sides will be sticking out for more usable L & R buttons), and the Y lengh is your personal thing ;)
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mattech5 years ago
I have been making these little arcade stands for a few months now. I keep getting my daughters mates asking me for them! I have templates for the Phat, Lite and now the i.
In the video there are a couple of shell swape ive done.

Post templates please?
Whoa, dude. Those stands look cooler than mine. And you've got an Apple sticker on the upper half of your DSi?? Sweet...
The Apple stickers have gone now. They just didn't cut it any more. The stands are made from 2mm mounting card or greyboard. Its nice stuff to work with as its nice and stiff but easy to cut with a good knife. Thanks for the idea! Mattech.
What is the phat
"DS Phat" is another term for what Nintendo calls the "original style DS," but in my opinion, "DS Phat" sounds way cooler. If you scroll up the page just a little bit, the silver console that mattech has set up in one of his arcade stands happens to be the legendary DS Phat.
dombeef mattech4 years ago
Can you post the template?
gunman154 years ago
when you widen the sides but that's just my opinion
gunman154 years ago
i really mean cut the cardboard on the sides so that the headphone jack and the power button is showing
gunman154 years ago
you could make it a bit wider so it will make the nintendo ds go into it and cut it so the buttons are showing that would be cooler
arpoky5 years ago
I took the same idea and made it out of basswood. It works much better and is more stable.
arpoky arpoky5 years ago
I will be posting pics soon. _
dombeef arpoky4 years ago
arpoky dombeef4 years ago
Crap... Anyway it's broken, can't post them now.
dombeef arpoky4 years ago
Awesome idea, I like it, might show this to my cousin, great job! Nice DS. I need to get another one... :P
Yeah, i love the DS Lite, but my original DS Fat is still awesome. :D
original ds is the best
How, it is fatter and has problems over time
quesoman4 years ago
 Im gonna make this for my lil bro's birthday... he's a big ds fan
nice template dude, i was wondering if u can add an actually downladable template for us so we can use it and make it for ourselves
thing 25 years ago
I like it! I will make one. That would be cool if you could make one for ps2,ps3,wii,xbox,xbox360
would it be possible to cut an opening in the stand near the bottom of the ds in order to insert gameboy advanced games?
This would be great for Retro Atari Classics, especially Tempest or Centipede. BTW, does this work the the original DS as well as the DS lite?
With some small modifications, you can make your old DS work with the stand.
Photo 11.jpg
how bout dsi? coz im gettin it soon.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the DSi has roughly the same dimensions as the DS Lite, so you should be safe.
haha i like how your new ds has a blue halo under it
I have no idea how that happened, to be honest. Maybe it turned out like it did because I had the DS Lite's backlight set at Level 4.
oh ok but very cool!
jakesllama6 years ago
You should put some LED's in the sides and the front of the stand, so that they flash, And paint it red and put a cardboard name of the game on the front so that you can change it with Blue tack :)
Some of those blinking LEDs should do the trick. All you would have to do is supply power to them, rather than whipping up a timer circuit with an NE555 Timer chip.
do it with a gameboy advance, it would be really realistic
i mean sp
Its good, thanks Ill be sure to use this meng
Obito6 years ago
i like chel_cee's one because it actually fits the whole ds...
Duobix (author)  Obito6 years ago
Well, chel_cee's is fine but inagine using l&r on his machine ;)
Here's mine. I just finished spray painting; I used white Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Semi-gloss spray paint. It's safe enough for use on paper products. I haven't gotten to putting the decals on yet. When I do have the decals put on, I'll be sure to post it ASAP. The shot was taken just as the DS Lite's power light was flashing, and the DS Lite was in PictoChat, and if you can't tell, I wrote "COOL!" Of course I made an original style version. I can't tell you exactly how I made it, but all you have to do is substitute the DS Lite base dimensions with the original's.
Photo 11.jpg
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