Sometimes, while working on my laptop using internet via WIRELESS, & especially when I download a large file or work for a long time... the modem disconnects suddenly because my modem gets very hot .

so I have a good idea to keep it CONNECTED for a long time....
follow these steps and you will get past this problem.

Step 1: Gather your supplies

Picture of Gather your supplies
-  Modem.
- Two 12v fans.
- Adapter.
- small wooden sticks.
jforv4 years ago
why are you using two fans, why not a large one like 24v ones instead?
I was having the same problem, I had to buy another router. Maybe it a bug with this thomson router model!
Mahmoud Basho (author)  jforv4 years ago
yeah..you're right...
but the back of the of the modem (ventilation area) have the same radius of the fan..so no need for 24v-fan that have a big size ....
only just for cooling ...

thanks for the comment..