Have you ever wanted one of those nice backpacks for your camera but didnt want to shell out the 100+ dollars for one?  I'll show you how  I modified a nice laptop backpack into a camera backpack that will not only protect your camera but also be able to carry and protect your laptop as well.  It also cost me a total of about 60 bucks, but it has way more room inside then the low end bags for the same price,allows me room to grow and it looks like a regular backpack, which some say is more secure since it doesnt scream "Expensive DSLR camera in here!"   You can also make one as big or as small as you like and search for the right one for yourself instead of having to make due with what is out there. 

Sorry for the quality of the images, I have no idea why I used my cell phone instead of my DSLR that I had laying right in front of me (DOH!)

Step 1: What You Will Need...

You will need:

A Backpack. I wanted one to carry my laptop as well as my camera so I searched for one that specifically was made for laptops.  I discovered that the ones made for laptops seemed to have more padding already built in.

Razor Knife.

A nice pair of sewing scissors (you know, the ones your mom/wife/girlfriend has hidden away from you!)

Tape Measure.

1-2 yards of soft material to cover the dividers.

A glue gun or sewing machine.  I used a glue gun to bind everything together, a sewing machine produce something neater but I didnt want to take the time to bother the wife with sewing up a bunch of unknown and possibly changing ideas off the top of my head.

A large roll of 3/4  or 1 inch wide Velcro, I ended up using about 5 feet total.  Get the type that has the sticky back.

Stiffening material, I used some 1/8th inch thick coroplast board (corrugated plastic board) , its sort of a plastic cardboard.  You could use some thick cardboard or maybe even some poster board material.

For the foam I was able to score some 2 foot by 2 foot by 1 1/2 inch thick  and some 1 inch thick stuff from work for free

For the soft material, I used a body pillow case, I caught it on sale at the store and they came 2 in a pack.  I figured it was about 2 yards of material but I only used about 1 yard worth.  You may use more or maybe less depending on how many dividers you build.

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