DSman195276's Sidearm --updated-- V1.5 Is Here!





Introduction: DSman195276's Sidearm --updated-- V1.5 Is Here!

well here it is, the long awaited gun. i posted it in a forum but did not have enough battery life left to make the instructable. i finely got some new batteries and because i kept you waiting, i made a new weapon(assault knife to be exact, it is supposed to be used with the DD-27).

well, it works with the same concept as Loosewire; SOE Operative's slide action gun. though this gun does not have a slide it has the "mag in handle" idea.

instead of shooting white rods like loosewire's mine shoots bullet type things, and they work a lot better, if you pull the ram back far enough it never jams.

i hope you like it! please rate!

the third and forth are of the 1.5 version.

Step 1: Barrel

probably the hardest part of the instructable(though still not that hard). just make from the pictures and look at the notes.

Step 2: Handle

this part is semi-easy. just make from the pictures. make sure to read the notes on them.

Step 3: Top Part of Barrel

just make, read any notes there maybe on these pictures.

Step 4: Ram

almost done! this is the easiest thing to make.

Step 5: Put It All Together

very easy! just look at the pictures

i almost forgot the mag pusher. just make that first.

Step 6: Put on Rubberbands, Load and Fire!

just look at the notes.

to fire just put bullets in the mag, pull back the ram so it at least comes to the read connectors then release it. that prevents jamming. then pull the trigger.



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    you should extend the mag thats wat i did its way better but the handle is rilly long

    Do you have the last version documented or pdf'd? i liked it better.. i got 15 more feet and less jamming, if i remember correctly.
    otherwise, perfect! 4.5**!

    Its really funny... you and TD try to compete and work with each other to make the best sidearm, but then when oodalumps invents oodammo, all your work gets flushed down in favor of the oodammo pistols.

    thanks.very good gun.works like a charm!!

    i was low on pieces so i made my own version based off urs, it shoots greens and jams often and is pretty crappy... should i post and do u give me permission 2 post


    Eh probably shouldn't post if it's not as high-caliber (no pun intended) as the other weaponary on this site. Might get n00bs confuzzled.

    dont worry, that thing is long gone.