Introduction: DSman195276's Sidearm --updated-- V1.5 Is Here!

Picture of DSman195276's Sidearm --updated-- V1.5 Is Here!

well here it is, the long awaited gun. i posted it in a forum but did not have enough battery life left to make the instructable. i finely got some new batteries and because i kept you waiting, i made a new weapon(assault knife to be exact, it is supposed to be used with the DD-27).

well, it works with the same concept as Loosewire; SOE Operative's slide action gun. though this gun does not have a slide it has the "mag in handle" idea.

instead of shooting white rods like loosewire's mine shoots bullet type things, and they work a lot better, if you pull the ram back far enough it never jams.

i hope you like it! please rate!

the third and forth are of the 1.5 version.

Step 1: Barrel

Picture of Barrel

probably the hardest part of the instructable(though still not that hard). just make from the pictures and look at the notes.

Step 2: Handle

Picture of Handle

this part is semi-easy. just make from the pictures. make sure to read the notes on them.

Step 3: Top Part of Barrel

Picture of Top Part of Barrel

just make, read any notes there maybe on these pictures.

Step 4: Ram

Picture of Ram

almost done! this is the easiest thing to make.

Step 5: Put It All Together

Picture of Put It All Together

very easy! just look at the pictures

i almost forgot the mag pusher. just make that first.

Step 6: Put on Rubberbands, Load and Fire!

Picture of Put on Rubberbands, Load and Fire!

just look at the notes.

to fire just put bullets in the mag, pull back the ram so it at least comes to the read connectors then release it. that prevents jamming. then pull the trigger.


me12345678901 (author)2016-02-21

Love it!!!!:)

gtbike rider (author)2010-04-08

you should extend the mag thats wat i did its way better but the handle is rilly long

Chikara (author)2009-11-26

Do you have the last version documented or pdf'd? i liked it better.. i got 15 more feet and less jamming, if i remember correctly.
otherwise, perfect! 4.5**!

DJ Radio (author)2009-09-10

Its really funny... you and TD try to compete and work with each other to make the best sidearm, but then when oodalumps invents oodammo, all your work gets flushed down in favor of the oodammo pistols.

I don't know, I still like this pistol.

Paco the Talking Taco (author)2009-06-11

this gun is awesome! this is so far the sidearm i've seen.

Unseen997 (author)2009-05-23

thanks.very good like a charm!!

stale56 (author)2008-11-29

i was low on pieces so i made my own version based off urs, it shoots greens and jams often and is pretty crappy... should i post and do u give me permission 2 post

psharpep (author)stale562009-04-18

Eh probably shouldn't post if it's not as high-caliber (no pun intended) as the other weaponary on this site. Might get n00bs confuzzled.

stale56 (author)psharpep2009-04-22

dont worry, that thing is long gone.

psharpep (author)2009-04-17

Step4 - Is this a red rod or a grey one?

psharpep (author)psharpep2009-04-18

Okay well grey rods keep jamming so I'm going to use a red one.

lowe (author)2009-03-19

Dude, your gun is amazing.

psharpep (author)lowe2009-04-17

Amen... this is like God's personal defense weapon... except it's not...

psharpep (author)2009-04-17

(Step 2) Do we have to break the clip on the right side of picture 11?

psharpep (author)psharpep2009-04-17

Ooops found the answer in the next one.

psharpep (author)2009-04-17

FINALLY! A semi-automatic pistol that actually fires bullets! THANKS A MILLION!!!

kingghaffari (author)2008-08-09

He he he! I know about the dunkis desert buzzard that he showed in the video. And i wanted to make it. What i ended up with was a tru cross between the tds and the dms (dsmans sidearm) IT still needs work and is indead bulkier than both guns, but has a very niceley angled handle. It has the top parth of dms and an extremely moded trigger of the tds. It has 40-50 ft range if you load on the rubber bands. In order to build you must sacrifice 1 green connector, 1 orange connector and well.. thats it. Want me to post pics?

LOL i meant desert falcon not desert buzzart. Its just that buzzard is a real gun and it sounds better!

Big Z (author)kingghaffari2009-01-12

Eagle. The real gun is called a Dessert Eagle. Not "buzzard" or "falcon." EAGLE. Just so you know.

kingghaffari (author)Big Z2009-01-16

I know the real gun is called Eagle and you might wanna think about what you are talking about before you say it. TheDunkis had designed a gun that was called the desert falcon. I accidentaly called it a desert buzzard. You are right though. Desert Buzzard is Nota real gun and i think i was talking about a desert eagle but im not sure.

Big Z (author)kingghaffari2009-01-18

i wasnt tryin to sound mean, i just get annoyed wen people call real guns the wrong thing. it was an honest mistake. =)

TheDunkis (author)kingghaffari2008-08-16

So you made it eh? I just destroyed it as I was literally going no where with it. My whole idea was getting the removable clip to work but it just wasn't strong enough to support the mag pusher with it. If I made it stronger with the style I used it would have been harder to use. It wasn't all that bluky though. It was about as long as the the original DSMSA (my name for Dsman's Side Arm use it if you want) but it had no back so overall length wasn't that long. It also was skinny and could be made smaller. I'm planning on making a new cross between our guns if dsman is willing to help one that is even better.

kingghaffari (author)TheDunkis2008-08-17

My version had no removable mag (can i get some pics of it?) and had a lame trigger (pics of that 2) LOL. i think the angle was the same. It shoots ball socket connectors with black hands at the end. The power it limited to the trigger. If the trigger can handle the ram, then you can put alot of elastic bands. Might post my pics on a forum topic. And if some one can mod that stupid trigger, and Dsman195276 and TheDunkis like it. Then i might even post it. lol

TheDunkis (author)kingghaffari2008-08-18

I'll give you permission to show it. For the trigger I actually used the exact same trigger from the TDS not modded in any way. I just remade it without the removeable magazine but shorter. The only problem is the handle is weak and will break easily and that's why I never did post anything about it beyond the movie.

kingghaffari (author)TheDunkis2008-08-18

the handle for my sidearm is also weak. The trigger slows down the ram and for SOME reason (it uses the same barel as dsmans sidearm) it has ALOT of barel friction. LOL!

dsman195276 (author)kingghaffari2008-08-10


TheDunkis (author)dsman1952762008-08-18

I got some officially from the source (heh ME!!) well some newer ones anyways. It is exactly the same but with an added top and bendy part. I was thinking maybe you could help make this better...this has potential for our project. If you don't want to use this as the base for our project then ok but I really wanted to get the removable magazine working. It has your handle except at a similar angle to the TDS (a tad more actually but without a back support for the palm you can't really tell) it uses this concept removable magazine. It has no ram stop but instead something similar to your gun's back to give it maximim use of the firing pin. The only problem is the handle is weak.

ninjusk (author)TheDunkis2008-09-17


TheDunkis (author)ninjusk2008-09-18

I was thinking about it but this was just prototype for the perfect side arm. The main problem is how week the handle connection is and the incomplete magazine. I really wish I could have gotten it working it was even stronger than my TDS2 I have now.

knexfan9182 (author)TheDunkis2008-10-03

Oh yeah how long till that is out I want to add it my list of side arms.

TheDunkis (author)knexfan91822008-10-04

The TDS2? I'm posting it this weekend.

knexfan9182 (author)TheDunkis2008-10-04

sweet I will be waiting on it :)

TheDunkis (author)knexfan91822008-10-04

I'll be starting right now.

knexfan9182 (author)TheDunkis2008-10-04

hey when your done posting will you send the url?

knexfan9182 (author)TheDunkis2008-10-04


kingghaffari (author)TheDunkis2008-08-18

My hanle is stronger than that. BUT MY TRIGGER SUCKS! lol Im makin the removable mag.

TheDunkis (author)kingghaffari2008-08-18

Well if your handle doesn't fall apart from a small tug that I can deal with...for some reason this time around the green rods will be ripped from the black hands with little effort. For the trigger just use the TDS's makes it so much easier. Our barrels are hardly different from each other's. In fact the only difference on the TDS is the bottom has to connect in the slots directly below because there isn't enough room to alternate although I did do it on this one. I found out there is more friction when you do it my way so that's another reason why this gun is stronger.

kingghaffari (author)TheDunkis2008-08-19

I modded the gun and now the handle is VERY strong and it can now use the tds's trigger. YAY. I also made a clip or what ever you wanna call it. You basically connect it to the handle and pull the pin. It then uses a ram to launch the ammo into the handle, It doesnt work well at all and need tons of mods.

TheDunkis (author)kingghaffari2008-08-20

Pictures? Sounds like if we combine our versions we could make a pretty good gun.

kingghaffari (author)TheDunkis2008-08-19

i cant use the tds's trigger because, instead of being 3 connectors thick, My gun is 5 connectors thick. the tds trigger wont fit on it, and will be 2 far away from the handle.

Shut Up Now (author)2008-11-29

why in step 4 does it say the ram has to be black?

dsman195276 (author)Shut Up Now2008-11-29

because black rods are made of a different material that is more resistant to bending.

robocrazy155 (author)dsman1952762008-12-23

What if you have no black rods to make the ram? Would a grey piece work the same or would there be a lack of power with the grey rods? Other than that this is the first mag loading gun I've seen that doesn't need any purposely broken parts, very nice.

dsman195276 (author)robocrazy1552009-01-02

thank you, and yes you can use a grey rod instead. there should be no loss in power. just make sure the grey rod has no bends in it, and that the rubberbands are balanced on the firing pin, so it does not bend.

Shut Up Now (author)dsman1952762008-11-29

thats what my guess was.. thanks.

TwistedParadox (author)2009-01-02

i think the earlier version looks better and is there any alternative to breaking a Y connector

you can use a green rod instead of a Y connector.

knexsuperbuilderfreak (author)2008-12-17

nice gun i put one of the ammos backwardsit shoot into a box

evil_munchkin (author)2008-11-30

when i fire, the white rod above the firing pin always goes out of the reds Any way to fix that

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