DUCT TAPE Playing Card Case





Introduction: DUCT TAPE Playing Card Case

This instructable is on how to make a duct tape playing card case because when you mistreat the card cases they deteriorate.

Step 1: Tools

The tools you need for this project are
1. Cards
2. Duct tape
3. Scissors
4. Magnets

Step 2: First Layer

Make the first layer by layering strips of duct tape. Half way across the strip. Repeat until 2 and 3/4 as wide as the box of cards.

Step 3: Second Layer

Layer it on top of the first layer sticky side down. Make the creases line up so its the same width.

Step 4: Roll Up the Rim to Win

Roll the sandwiched layers around the card box and tape shut. Then cut off excess from one end and fold closed like wrapping a gift. Then seal with a piece of tape.

Step 5: Flapping Gums

Cut off the excess and cut a slit down each corner on one side. Then cut around the top of the deck to have one flat part(flap). Cut strips of magnet for the clasp. Then put tape under the flap then put a magnet in black side up. Then fold the excess over. Thin the sides by trimming excess.

Step 6: The Cold Clasp of Death

Put the magnetic faces together, and fold over to find out the mounting location of the magnet. To secure the magnet put a piece of tape over it.

Step 7: Additional Ideas

Put rolled up piece of tape over the magnet.
Tuck the flap in.



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An excellent effort....I'm going to make this! You might consider doing the first step(s) with (maybe) two different colors of duct tape....so it'd be easier to tell the sections apart.

I tried it and it looked preatty good

I ended up just using velcro which worked a lot better

Duct tape case closed.jpegDuct tape case open.jpeg
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Thanks for the velcro tip. I constructed (see:https://www.instructables.com/id/Duct-Tape-Camera-Bag) a leash but this is hard to operate (esp. in the dark).

It's cool but would have been better if you gave measurements instead of just saying to make it these proportions to a deck of cards.

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and you dont need measurements, you are wrapping it around the box

not all cards are the same thickness and size, and maybe some people would want to make this for their trading cards which are not the size of a standard playing card and come in different dimensions as well.  note i do not play trading card games any more it was just an example.

This was a pretty cool project altho i couldn't find any good enough magnets so i just made it without them.

I went for magnets myself, the 9V clips require pressure that might damage your cards. Magnets require no pressure at all and will hold on enough (if you have decent magnets, I got mine out of magnetix that I never use anymore anyway)

Also, I made another with a DVD box and duct tape. It'll protect my cards better when I'm not careful with the case. 

This was a spur of the moment type thing. I didn't have time to find a nine volt.

pretty sweet i would never have thought of doing that, MacGyver would be SO proud.:)

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someone should make a macgyver guild.  I like to watch mac on fancast.com and have the macgyver hand book pdf (free download on scribd.com) And im 16!!!

I don't get the last step. You have magnets in the case and the flap. Why do you need to use tape to secure it? Also, love the "Rrrrroll up the Rrrrrim to win" reference!

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The magnets were not strong enough through the tape to hold it closed. I was afraid of the case opening and the cards flying out.

Good to know. I bet you could get some stronger magnets at Radio Shack. I remember they used to sell them.

try mutilating a hard drive and using the magnets in that. you'll be able to close it AND hang it on your fridge.