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Introduction: DVD Shelf

I started this project when i started running out of room in my normal bland DVD rack. I wanted something that would stand out and something people would notice when they walked into the room. My design is so simple but so effective. I searched the internet to see if there was something like it. I couldnt find one, so as a designer i tried it out myself.
Its made from 12mm MDF then undercoated with white matt then coated with Pure white gloss. Overall it cost me about £25 or $35. 
IF anyone has any like this with improvements i would love to see it.



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    Stylish design.. But, you'll need extra space for your new DVDs.. or Blu-Rays.. Maybe it will just keep the classic movies and the rest on the harddrive ? :)

    So, uh, no instructions how to do it?
    Found those really beautiful, but I have never worked with wood before and I have no idea how to. Do you think it's that complicated or I can do it myself if I really want to?

    Can you provide us with measurements? Iwould really like to build one for my room. Thanks alot!!

    That is very nice indeed and very different. You could make them in any shape or lettering for anyone and you should.

    There's a business there in making those and you should do it.

    You won't have a HUGE amount of buyers (thousands upon thousands) but you will get plenty of sales.

    Most people's bookshelves are very ORDINARY (my own for example) but yours are special.

    Please don't take this the wrong way: I think this is an AMAZING idea you have, and I guess if I were to think of this, I probably wouldn't follow through with it, but YOU did! But the point is... I'm just a little concerned with how practical it would be to make something like this.

    P.S: How in the world did this cost you only £25 or $35?!

    perfecto exelente idea 200% recomendable

    So I guess it's safe to assume that you have no plans to move to Blu-ray disc any time soon? :P