DVD Weight





Introduction: DVD Weight

How to make weight, from old DVD or CD



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    cheaper to just buy golds gym dumbbells and buy disc weights as needed.

    Good use for that pile of old AOL 1.0 cds i found o_o Big guns here I come lol

    how much would these things actually weigh? somehow I doubt that I could get these things up to 15 or 20 pounds without using like $50 worth of blank cds for each one

    Don't forget to write on the dvd's. The ink adds extra weight :D. And use double layer DVD's i think they are heavier.

    stick discs with glue. 100 pieces maybe or so each. so tat u can start customising ur collection of weights..

    If you use 2 nuts on each side, and screw them against each other, they would never come off. And why not use CDs? They're cheaper :)

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    I was going to say the same thing, Blank CD's are now pretty cheap haha.

    But DVDs hold more data, therefore are more heavy and build up muscles faster! ;P

    ... lol heavier by how much? 3 milligrams isn't going to speed you toward fit arms, but I can see your logic.

    Geez you don't get it. You have to burn Heavy Data onto them, to get more weight. Like the Movie "Full Metal Jacket" or something like that. Thats the whole trick behind it ;o)

    or fill your discs up with this lol!


    :O This looks kool ;D

    Hey i like Motörhead, its not along my favorite metal bands, but still really good. No, people seriously, enough of those weight jokes. We all know the only way to make them heavier, is with heavy metal. Probably Led Zepelin, because led is really heavy.

    Hey, I use old Cd-s and Dvd-d , this is only Title ;-)