DVD Shelf Come BAR




Introduction: DVD Shelf Come BAR

Just an idea for saving some space. If you're like me you've got a giant DVD rack full of films you'll never watch again. Prioritise your films into ones you want to display and potentially watch and get rid of the others... charity shop or just under the bed! 

I came up with the idea because I don't have anywhere to put wine glasses, and wanted a bar style hanging system. I happened to have a small saw handy so made a slot in one of the removable shelves which now fits one large wine glass. The good thing about most DVD racks is that you can adjust the height of all the shelves so you can display bottles of different sizes in a number of ways. You could even get rid of all the DVDs and turn the whole thing into a bar. If I wasn't such a hoarder I would probably do this. 

Please comment me if you've done something similar or have a better idea! 




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