Picture of DWC Hydroponics
In this instructable video I will go over my "Deep Water Culture" hydroponic system and show how I modified the process to deal with all stages of plant growth including seed starting.

DWC hydroponics is a very efficient system while being extremely beginner friendly. Parts cost is quite low and the system easily scales in size.

This is a very basic overview of DWC hydroponics but is a system that can easily be expanded or reduced to suit your growing needs. Personally I wanted a system that would provide fresh greens all winter long while requiring very little human intervention. As it currently stands this system has fully automatic lighting and irrigation (mechanical timer based), the only aspect I need to be involved with is the initial seed planting and water changes. After that its simply a waiting game until harvest :).

In the video below I will go thru all aspects of my system which should answer all of the major questions regarding DWC hydroponic growing.

Once you've made your way thru the video I've also included a small Tips/Tricks list in the following pages to help clear up the confusion a beginner will encounter when moving into the field of hydroponic growing.

Enjoy, and many thanks!


not to much instructions on the video. not bad setup though

Love it! but can you make a instructable of how you put yours together.