this is a decorating/cake sculpting project. learn how to transform two 13x9 cakes into a deliciously edible time bomb. this is a super fun baking project + pretty simple as far as cake sculpting goes. the finished cake shape doesn't deviate much from it is original shape. i did my best to give step by step instructions for anyone who might like to make a time bomb birthday cake, of their very own.....and, if you should take up the challenge, please send me pictures.

you'll need the following items to get started:
2 cake mixes
2 containers of cream cheese frosting
1 container of chocolate frosting
various serrated knives
black licorice whips
food coloring
2 or 3 rectangular crackers

Step 1: Step One*

bake two 13x9 cakes, i am pretty sure i used two basic yellow cake mixes. once there out the oven, chill on a rack till the cakes are cool enough to remove from their respective pans. now, sandwich the cakes together with chocolate frosting. place in the fridge for a few hours. the cake is easier to carve + shape when it has been chilled.
I tried to make this, but are you sure that that was the same cake? Mine either got screwed up, or it just wasn't possible. Step eight did not look like step three... No matter what, our party will still be a blowout!
Did you make your cake 2 layers?
You have to use a lot of frosting to sort of "round off" the edges of the serrations from step 3. Using a really thick frosting and chilling in between layers really helps too. Awesome idea!
Wait, what wire do i cut? they're all black! Great instructable!
IF i were to make an actual bomb... ALL the wires would be red...
lol, imagine the conversation bomb squad would have...
Yeah... them-"CUT THE RED WIRE!!!" you-"WHICH ONE!?!?!?!?!"*digs in pocket for a quarter for suicide booth*
even better, pull a wire, and the candles light.<br />
if you want a classic stick you could take pipe cleanears and wrap them around a sparkler and put the other end in the cake
looks like real dynamite! great!!!
<h2>LOL!</h2><br/>Usually I don't say that on Instructables, but I just had to because I just had a funny thought:<br/><br/>Imagine this cake actually <em>blew up</em>.<br/><br/>Right in front of that 5 year old's face...<br/><br/><sub>:P</sub><br/><br/>+1 vote.<br/>+1 rating.<br/>
He is 24 I thought? Hmmm...
Fill it with gunpowder... "Light the candle, Mom!" "Okay, honey, but it looks like a fuse. Hmmmm..." BOOM! "That cake was explosively delicious!
If you hid packets of baking soda and vinager in the cake when you cut it it would explode.
actually not. that mixture would come out of every hole it can find, because it doesn't 'grow' fast enough to explode. as the pressure slowly strengthens, there will appear various holes. and would you really want a cake tasting like vinegar?
...or some M40s, nichrome, and a tilt-meter/proximety disturbance sensor......
Lol cool Just had an idea Hollow out the bottoms of the circles and put firecrackers in them !! Imagine a kid with cake in his fake lol
an idea: use a fuse connected to some birthday-candle's ...the ones with loads of blackpowder in them. anyway, 5*!
It would be awesome if there were red/blue/green wires :P
Yea and then if you pulled out the wrong wire the cake would EXPLODE! LOL
nah, red blue and green CANDLES! then in your birthday card, it says which candle to blow first, and if you mess it up, everyone there has to tickle you!
Cut the green one! DON'T CUT THE GREEN ONE! haha
...am I the only one who has an urge to make one and send it to the TSA?
hehe, i do too
i might want this cake for my birthday but add real live fuse (they call it safety fuse though)
thanks everybody for the sweet comments!!! i never really consider having an actually explosion. i'll have to try that out next time. my nephew's birthday is next month, so i will have a new cake tutorial coming soon. it's going to be all about ice cream, dinosaurs + Cha-Ka.
that is by far one of the best cakes. Voted!
This is so cool in so many ways! <br/><br/>You got my vote. <br/><br/><sub>Imagine walking through airport security with this, yipes.</sub> <br/>
It would be sweet if you had a real countdown timer on it. And then it would be attached to a temperature sensor. Then the birthday kid would have to blow out the candles before the timer reaches zero or........ BOOOM!! Confetti Shower!!!! Sweet cake. I'd eat it. +1
This cake is <em>dynamite</em>!<br/><br/>*ducks*<br/><br/>It's a pretty awesome idea, and well-executed. Nice job!<br/>

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