Introduction: DYI Car PC

this car pc can come handy for everyone as navigation,PMP,RADIO,TV player

also for EV monitoring and controller programing

i have used an asus EEEPC 70x 7" laptop and converted it to car pc
this laptop uses around 1.2A at 12V wich is ideal for limited power vehicles as EV

finished photo will follow
i am still waiting for touch screen

Step 1: Removing Unneeded Parts

you can remove

the case
wifi module
front camera (is an small usefull usb camera that can be used later as rear camera)
the battery

Step 2: Needed Parts

you need
main board
inverter board
LCD display
front plastic case

you need to buy
- rs232 usb adapter (sold separatly)/if you need RS232 interface for programing 
- bluetooth usb adapter (sold separatly)/if you need Bluetooth
- gps usb adapter (sold separatly)/if you need GPS
- TV/FM USB tuner  (sold separatly)/if you need TV/FM
- 7" touch screen   (sold separatly) this one is not optional !!!
- 4 risers
- 1 plastic box 250x150x40 mm
- plastic glue
- 3 recicled pc collers 20mm height


bolt the 4 risers to the motherboard holes
mount the plastic separator
glue the inverter on the back side
and lcd on front side



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    This is cool.and have completed Car computer project :) check this out..


    Hope you will like this.

    This is cool.and have completed Car computer project :) check this out..https://www.instructables.com/id/Mobile-Car-Computer/ Hope you will like this.

    I have a Dell Inspiron 1526, I want to use my monitor as a standalone like this for in my car. It would be hooked up to my Ecplipse AVN5500 video out. I need to figure out how  to do this. Someone said something about LVDS or somethin. I don't get this stuff but I am quick to learn. I know this post is old but I imagine some people have email alerts on their posts. Please help me out. (The mobo is fried on the laptop..)

    This is great! I want to do exactly this for my own EV, when I eventually convert the car. I'm considering doing the carpc first, if I can fit it all into a double-DIN car stereo chassis - then I could take it out of my current car when the EV is finished without a great deal of screwing around.

    I'm planning on buying a touchscreen kit for the eeepc, as they've not very expensive (from dealextreme, at least), so I'll be using the original lcd display. I also plan on using linuxICE OS with nGhost desktop environment, as these are designed for touchscreen carpcs. And they're free! haha

    Great project. Have you gotten any further with it?

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    english please

    this project is ready and waiting for an case
    is working nice
    for your lcd you need to know more
    does it have vga ?
    wich type of connector does it have ?

    3 replies

    It looks like that display needs a parallel RGB input. That's something that computers do not output. If you are comfortable with electronics, you can look into hooking up a tripple-video ADC to convert the analog VGA into digital parallel signals.

    Even if you do, a 3.5 inch, QVGA screen is too small for a computer, unless you can find a graphics card that outputs in 320 by 240, you'll also need an image scaler.

    your display is 320x240 so i don't think it can be used or usefull as car pc

    you can make an interface for it but so small resolution is useless for pc

    i recomand to use it for an arduino and display usefull inforation on it