Introduction: DIY Cat Run

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Your cats are sick of being cooped up! Let them get fresh air while you garden without fear of them escaping or running away!

Step 1: Materials

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Wire storage cubes
Zip ties

Note: wire storage cubes can be found for virtually nothing on craigslist or can be bought new at home improvement stores or online

Step 2: Assembly

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Start to build the frame of the cubes.

Step 3: Reenforcement

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Using zip ties, secure each point where two sides come together. Trim the zip ties to make sure your kitty doesn't get poked!

Step 4: Doors

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Using one side (or the adjustable shelf piece), zip tie one side to the other to make a hinge. This will act as a door hatch

Originally only had one top door but my cats would go into the far corner to avoid coming in, a second door solved this problem!

Using a binder clip secures the door "locked" incase your kitty discovers how to push the top open

Step 5: Tips

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Originally I made this multi level which looked super cool only to learn my cats preferred to roll around on the concrete patio and sniff the grass. I removed the vertical space and expanded it horizontal. That's the beauty of this design, it's completely customizable and changeable!

This is a great indoor or outdoor enclosure too for other pets too! My hedgehog loves getting some fresh air too! Please always supervise play time


athornton (author)2014-07-24

this is very clever, you could add a few cubes to go up

sadiemae (author)2014-07-23

I wish I could let my kitties roam! Living in a big city wedged between the freeway and busy roads I am not willing to risk them getting hit by a car, this is my next best option until I get a house with a nice yard :)

tammypritchard73 (author)2014-07-23

let your cats out to roam their territory, they will come back happy and satisfied because they know where they get fed!

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