Through out the years homemade baking has been lost; people now a days go out to the market and buy everything frozen and ready to bake. Well it's time for that to change, and you're going to help out by making your very own homemade pie! Pie? Yes, PIE! Have you ever heard the saying, "Easy as Pie" or when people say, "I like Pie", I can bet you that over 95% of those people don't know how to make "Pie".To make this you'll need a few ingredients, that's if you have baked or cooked, you should have at home. Here is a list of the few things you'll need.
- 2 Cups (240 grams) of All Purpose Flour
- 2 tsp of Salt
- 1 cup (64 grams) of Sugar
- 8oz (227 grams) of Unsalted chilled butter
- 5oz (140mL) of cold water
- Egg Whites
- Strawberries

That's all you need. Probably the most you'll need to buy would be the butter. Lets move on and make the actual pie.
* You need extra flour for later when knitting the dough*

Step 1: Getting Started

To start off you're going to need something that's called time. This is going to take about an 1 hour of your life, but the end result is priceless! The first thing we are going to do is the filling. The filling takes up most of the time. Then we'll do the crust, yummy, homemade crust! After that we'll make everything come together, bake, and eat!

Quick side note: You're going to do enough crust to bake two pies, that way next time you bake a pie, it'll take half the time!

<p>Oh man, please, get your &quot;your&quot; and &quot;you're&quot; under control! It's annoying to read. And I don't know what oz is and how much as cup is either.... Only US people make pie apparently because I can't find a decent recipe that I can read lmao</p>
When do you take the dough out of the fridge??
Wow, look so delicious, definitly i'm trying this
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what can i use instead of egg whites
The egg whites are used to give it that nice shiny, brown touch on the pie, its not obligatory.. Try using bit of melted butter, mixed with some sugar, and apply it the same way you would as if you where using the egg whites.
Looks delish.. do you think this would work with brown sugar?
Certainly! I like brown sugar better than refined sugar, but be sure to not pack it tight, in this case.
The pie is baking right now but I sorta rushed the waiting part when you had to wait for the dough to harden in the fridge. Is it ok to make the pie without waiting for the dough to harden?
Yes. As long as it was not completely soft, it should be fine. In other words, if you managed to roll out the dough and cut it, there should be no problem.<br> Enjoy !!!
Mine didn't look as good as the picture but it is DELICIOUS !<br>
This looks delicious! I love berry pies the best.
The Pie didn't last 10 minutes, it was to good!

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