They go by many names but this is an easy project if you have a little bit of time.  The idea is simple, make a strap to hold your glasses when not wearing them or making it tight on your head so as not to fall off.

Step 1: Items Needed:

Items needed:

White silicone tubing - 3/16in inner diameter, 5/16in outer diameter, 1/16in wall.
Flexible adhesive
Paracord - 36 inches
Lighter - (or other source of fire to melt ends)
Rounded cord lock

Note:  Hobby shops also have loops that are used for holding glasses.  The loops are actually one loop with a crossbar to make a figure 8.  This can be used in a configuration instead of the tubing.
You could forgo the adhesive if you heated the paracord to the point where it balled up. Then insert it into your tubing and tie a constrictor knot of the inner strand materials. After that, you would pull back on the cord to snug it against the knot. <br> <br>YouTube is an excellent source for constrictor knot videos.

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