For my second attempt at a Cryptex i decided to make it out of hand turned, fully metal components  the metals i am using are Brass and Aluminium. I wanted to make a metal follow up to my first Cryptex as a cheaper alternative to the ludicrously expensive ones you can buy online, i preferred the metal look as it makes it look more realistic so here it is!

Component list:
Inner Tube (Aluminim)
Middle Tube (Aluminium)
Outer Ring's (x6) (Brass)
Pins (x5)
End Caps (x2) (Brass)

Tools Used:
Metal  lathe 
Metal file
600-1200 grain sand paper
various measuring tools

References/ inspiration:

Step 1: Designing the Cryptex

Thease are all of the designs and specifacations of the Cryptex, this covers almost all of the cryptex bar a few things that i changed during creation, for example the blocker ring that stops the keys from slideing off when the cryptex is open
<p>Fanatatic peice od worc, dufe!</p>
<p>Okay, sorry, that was mean, but really smart idea!</p>
Great job. Piece of art.
Impressive Suh!

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