Picture of Da Vinci Code Cryptex MK II
For my second attempt at a Cryptex i decided to make it out of hand turned, fully metal components  the metals i am using are Brass and Aluminium. I wanted to make a metal follow up to my first Cryptex as a cheaper alternative to the ludicrously expensive ones you can buy online, i preferred the metal look as it makes it look more realistic so here it is!

Component list:
Inner Tube (Aluminim)
Middle Tube (Aluminium)
Outer Ring's (x6) (Brass)
Pins (x5)
End Caps (x2) (Brass)

Tools Used:
Metal  lathe 
Metal file
600-1200 grain sand paper
various measuring tools

References/ inspiration:

Step 1: Designing the Cryptex

Picture of Designing the Cryptex
designs 3.bmp
designs 1.bmp
Thease are all of the designs and specifacations of the Cryptex, this covers almost all of the cryptex bar a few things that i changed during creation, for example the blocker ring that stops the keys from slideing off when the cryptex is open
Great job. Piece of art.
anonygrazer2 years ago
Impressive Suh!