Ever since I saw this movie Dabangg( Bollywood movie) I was inspired by these glasses that the hero of the movie wears where there is a reflection of a heart shaped led lighting on his aviators. I wanted to make something like it and with the Halloween  coming I thought it will look perfect for the occassion.

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Step 1: How to Make It

Thanks to Harish Damodardan who instantly offered to help, we brought this idea into existence in under 4 hrs. (Yes spent lot of time beautifying it)

Things needed to built:
1> Cardboard
2> Printer (to print the design)
3> Stickers/ wacky design printouts to decorate the glasses
5> RGB slow flash led ( you can substitute it with any other led also)
6>CR232 battery
7> Battery holder ( Radioshack < 1$)
8> Solder iron
9> Glue gun
10> Multi strand wire
11> Scissors

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