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Having three dachshund, it makes sense to use them as inspiration. I actually traced the head and muzzle of one of mine to get the basic shape for this design. This is an original design in crochet. I enjoy crocheting using a graph and designing graph patterns. The pictures shown are in blue and was a gift for a friend expecting a boy. I have also made it in pink and green. The eye is a large button and is sewn on for safety. The nose is not as pointy as is appears in the photo.


cbubblehead (author)2009-01-18

What a cute pattern!? Do you consider selling pattern? let me know. Thanks

christenak (author)cbubblehead2009-01-19

The pattern is available for $5.50 US. If you use PayPal I can send you an invoice by email and you can pay it that way. Let me know.

GorillazMiko (author)2008-02-16

This is very cute! Those dogs are very cute too. Nice job, you did a great job, I hope to see more cool stuff!

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