Dachshund Wheelchair





Introduction: Dachshund Wheelchair

our dachshund hurt his back, so for rehab we made him swim a lot and i built this chair until he could use his back legs again.

Step 1: Some Assembly Required

bought about $20 worth of stuff

Step 2: All Together Now

parts: 2 - 8" pneumatic wheels, 1 aluminum tent pole, 2 dome nuts, 1 medium black dog harness,

2 locking nuts, 1 box of tennis racket padding,

2 metal right angle frame braces, 1 8" all-thread,

2 crown locking nuts, 4 - 1/8x3/4" nuts and bolts,

2 tap screws, 2 -5/8 carriage bolts and nuts,

1- 36" aluminum shaft

i believe i found the wheels at "northern tool co":
tent poles:
all thread rod from home depot
the harness is made by petwear and it is a medium harness.

Step 3: Wrapped the Harness to the Bar

made a U shaped bar and wrapped it with tennis racket tape

Step 4: Last Step

fixed it all together and made it to where it would adjust for length of the dog.

Step 5: Figure 8

i bent the aluminum rod into a figure 8 shape with a mallet, by hands and a vise.
i made sure there were no ruff marks on it so it wouldn't scratch the pup.

Step 6: Another

i drilled to small recessed holes in the aluminum shaft to connect the L-brackets.
and bolted them together. i hand-sanded the heads of the screw to wear they were smooth.



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    My Duchshund was completely paralized in his back. The Vet. said they had to operate. Unfortunately I couldn't afford the operation of R7000,00 plus. Myhusband build him a car from this instructions. We also got a prescription for ""Rimadyl" chewable tablets.

    We gave him the medication twice a day, and after a month and a half my dog is completely recovered. This is true and the Vet's will kill me for this, but this is not the first duchshund that we treated on this medication and all 3 recovered.

    While recovering my dog loved his car and was mobile. Thanks to this site who gave us the instructions on how to build the car.


    what are rimadyl I have a wiener dog and he started walking funny last night it got worse this morning I took him to the vet who said it looks like he may have slipped a disc we r trying prednisone he cant walk with out falling over and I need advice what to do next thanks connie

    thanks for sharing the story! that is the exact reason that i posted it on here! awesome~

    Hello I have a dachshund named Frederick He Is paralyzed from the waist down and has issues with his bowels It has been almost three days We cannot afford the surgery They are vet keeps telling us that is probably best if he is euthanized I have read stories about dogs that have successfully Had productive lives With the wheelchairAlong with some pain management medication Does anyone have any thoughts or experience Of dogs regaining their ball ability Or the quality of life you see your dogs having in the wheelchairsIt pains my family and I so much to think we won't have our Frederick Any helpful opinions or experiences will help

    I hope this isn't too late. Unless the dog is constantly in unmanageable pain, then you can absolutely provide him with a wonderful life after the injury! Our dog Beans is 11 years old and she blew 2 spinal discs about a year ago. For about a month she received daily cortisone shots. Once she still didn't regain her mobility they did a scan and discovered the blown discs. The vet did not want to operate because of her age and he said that there is no guarantee that the surgery would work. So we got her a wheelchair, a bunch of washable dog diapers, and changed how we care for her. The wheelchair has helped her regain strength and confidence. She can still run with the other dogs. It was a tough transition for all of us but I can assure you that she lives a very happy productive life!!

    My 4 year old dachshund hurt his back 5 weeks ago, paralyzed rear legs, no bladder control, but he could wag his tail. Without an MRI they couldn't tell us the prognosis, 3 vets and a neurologist wanted to do surgery. Surgery was $8500, not a guarantee and the recovery was 12 months. We opted to not do surgery. The first three weeks were rough, we had to express bladder by pushing on stomach. I cut a hole for his tail in baby diapers and he wore those until he regained bladder control. bought lots of pee-pads too. He's got a baby playpen, lined with blankets and a cushy dog bed. Probably right around 3 weeks he began urinating on his own, we had to retrain bc as soon as he had the urge we had to take him out. He's been on just prednisone, we stopped the pain meds and muscle relaxers at about 3 weeks as well. he's in good spirits. we did leg stretches, massages, tickling his paws. He's slowly gaining control, can take steps, but wobbly. He seems to get better every week. Its tough, but if you can dedicate the time, it gets better. we've got an appointment with a holistic vet in two weeks, looking into acupuncture and a cart if we need one.

    Did your dog have bowel issues too? Mine is wagging tail but no leg movement he ca support his weight on his hind legs if I keep his body still but he is not pooping did your dog have an issue with that? This just happened to mine. And how to u keep them from getting pressure or friction sores when they drag their hind legs

    Just checking back to see if anyone has had their daushun unable to pee on his own because of the spinal injury an regain it if so how long

    I know this post is 5 months old and I hope your boy is doing much better by now! But I just wanted to share for anyone else in this situation reading this, my lil guy, Cupid, fell 6ft off a wall onto concrete (being too adventurous?) and was paralyzed from the waist down. I had to express his bladder for a few weeks and vets said he'd never walk again but he did! He was running four weeks later! But now that he's older he is feeling the effects of his previous injury. He's 14 and getting his first wheels!

    Your dog can live a very high quality life in wheels. And it is possible he can regain function to pee again. Have your vet teach you to express his bladder for him. 4-weeks of crate rest with anti inflamatorys and pain pills often improves things greatly. If no one has given you the link go to Dodgers List its a site all about dogs with IVDD http://www.dodgerslist.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Dodgerslist/