Daddy, Baby Brenna, and the Baptismal Gown!


Introduction: Daddy, Baby Brenna, and the Baptismal Gown!

About: I am a father of 9 very active children. I am a health insurance agent and generally wake up very early so I get all me knitting done early in the morning!

This slideshow showcases the baptismal gown I knit for my new baby daughter this fall. Brenna was just born on January 3, 2008. She is our 9th baby! She is beautiful like her Mommy! I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease White (620-100). It is white worsted yarn with an iridescent strand running through it which makes it shimmer! I used a free Lion Brand pattern, "Lion Brand® Wool-Ease® Loving Memories Lacy Bunting Pattern Number: 566."



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    Good work Dad! Like stinkymum this is flagged as my next project, allready have the yarn in a pale cream, hope it comes oout as well as yours.

    What a gorgeous gown. Great job Dad!

    Good gracious! That is one precious baby! -- oh, and the gown is nice too! :) I love the leaf design! I'm a self taught crocheter, specializing in hats. Perhaps one day I will teach myself to knit too... and try my hand, hook, er make that needles at a frock as pretty and dainty as this. Though, I've only had 1 baby... so you've had lots more practice at this! However, maybe you'll inspire my husband to learn! Congrats Dad - on a job well done (on both counts!)

    It just goes to show that men can knit if they want to! My dad used to try but whatever he was knitting ended up smaller and smaller and tighter and tighter until he was left with two or three stitches - he had dropped all the rest. Not so in your case. This is lovely gown and a lovely baby too! Are the other 8 as gorgeous?

    Me thinks this is very cool. Nice job, the baby is cute.