Throwing a Game of Thrones party? Every GOT fan has to have their dragon eggs! Learn how to make your own with this instructable.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

3 Plastic Easter Eggs about 8 inches long
1.5" paper punch
Red, Green and Tan construction paper
Black, Brown and White acrylic paint
Hot Glue Gun
Green, Red, Tan and Black or Dark Brown spray paint
<p>Aww Thanks :)</p>
<p>Love it =)</p>
<p>Thanks </p>
<p>Great job done here :), thank you so much for sharing.</p>
<p>Thanks :) .You're welcome.</p>
How's about papier-m&acirc;ch&eacute; an oblong balloon then use it for your egg- it worked really great perfect shape.
<p>Are you my daddy?</p>
<p>empty ostrich eggs would work as well. me thinks</p>
you got me thinking about this,you said you could not find a true egg shape...wonder if you can get some ostrich eggs? just a thought.
put some gold leaf on one bet that would look awesome ,but love those they look cool :-)
<p>Oh. Gold would be pretty =D </p>
<p>Can't you just spray-paint some waterlogged pine cones? (oh, durability, hmm...)<br>Looks pretty neat.</p>
<p>I would suggest doing the scales the opposite direction i.e. with the tip of each scale facing the top [narrow] end of the egg. I've never seen a real dragon egg but I think this would look better and more natural.</p>
<p>Thank you for the suggestion. I actually did contemplate this for awhile. Maybe if I make them again I will try and see. I couldn't find an egg shape that was 100% true to the show's - that would have helped a lot. </p>
<p>Guys... Let's say the true - there're five eggs in the first pic :D</p>
<p>I agree with hispet that Aremon needs to grow up and not be such a pig.</p>
<p>They look really nice! I'll have to try and do some for my nephews.</p><p>Thanks for sharing.</p>
<p>You're welcome. You should totally post them when you're done. </p>
wanna make the top two
five eggs..... ha ha
well... i see 5 big round objects on that pic... and all of them look very nice ;)
Ur not looking @ the eggs your looking @ her boobs but cool eggs /:
<p>Wow all 5 err.... I mean 3 of those look great! :-)</p>

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